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The Amud - Lectern

The Amud - Lectern


The Amud is the Lectern, usually located near the ark. This is where the cantor (Chazan) leads the prayers.

In many synagogues there is a five or seven branched candelabra (Menorah) located on or near the amud. It is illuminated with electric bulbs, and is in remembrance of the candelabra of the Temple. In some synagogues it may be displayed near the ark.

Many have the custom to light two candles near the Lectern. When the leader ("Chazan") is a mourner, or leading the congregants on a Yahrtzeit, five candles are lit.

Based on materials by Kehot Publications, Beth Tefillah of Atlanta, Georgia, the Dawn & Keith Rinzler Philanthropic Fund and other sources. Compiled by Dovid Zaklikowski.
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