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The Bimah - Podium

The Bimah - Podium


The bimah is the podium located in the center of the sanctuary. The Torah is read from the bimah, and some of the prayers are led from there as well.

The podium is covered with a special covering to give honor to the Torah that will be read on it.

During the High Holiday season, the bimah cover, the covers of the Torah scrolls, the cloth covering the cantor's podium, and the curtain for the Ark are all traditionally exchanged for one of a white fabric. White represents purity, forgiveness and a "clean" slate, all central High Holiday themes.

Based on materials by Kehot Publications, Beth Tefillah of Atlanta, Georgia, the Dawn & Keith Rinzler Philanthropic Fund and other sources. Compiled by Dovid Zaklikowski.
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