Millennia before the XBOX, an ancient desert tribe of mystics enacted the first multimedia educational experience. Beyond anything we have today, it reached deep into the human psyche in every way possible and all at once: Rich audio, dynamic visuals, spoken language and written text, even the visceral senses of taste, smell and touch.

It was intergenerational — involving all the family with something special for each one. It was customizable, adjustable to a spectrum of personalities. It was interactive, with role-playing and creative manipulation of materials. It was a whole-person experience, developing a sense of inner freedom within all who participated.

But its most fascinating aspect was that every detail was firmly grounded in the mystical teachings of an esoteric tradition. Each step had not just a body, but a soul as well — a simple meaning as well as a deep lesson towards higher consciousness.

Its success has been awe-inspiring. No ritual has survived so long and so true to its original form. No lesson has affected humankind with such impact, propagating the values of human dignity, liberty and the search for higher meaning to every society it has reached.

To this day, in every corner of the world, Jewish families come together to reconstruct that original Passover Seder, again and again, year after year. And every year, there is more to learn.

Let us begin...