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Audio of the Amidah

1. First 3 Brachot
2. Daat: Ata Chonen
3. Teshuvah: Hashivenu Avinu
4. Selicha: Selach Lanu
5. Geulah: Re'eh Na
6. Refuah: Refaeinu
7. Birchat Hashanim: Barech Aleinu
8. Kibutz Galuyot: Tekah Beshofar
9. Din: Hashiva Shoftenu
10. Minim: Velamalshinim
11. Tzadikim: Al Hatzadikim
12. Binyan Yerushalayim: Velirushalayim
13. Moshiach: Et Tzemach
14. Kabalat Tefilah: Shema Koleinu
15. Avodah: Retzei
16. Hodaah 1: Modim
17. Hodaah 2: Val Kulam
18. Shalom: Sim Shalom
19. Yihiyu Leratzon
20. Elokai Netzor
Audio | 0:57
20. Elokai Netzor
21. Oseh Shalom
Audio | 0:52
21. Oseh Shalom
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