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Truth is simple, it has no clothes, no neat little box to contain it.

But we cannot grasp that which has no box. We cannot perceive truth without clothing.

So Truth dresses up for us, in a story, in sage advice, in a blueprint of the cosmos—in clothes woven from the fabric of truth itself.

And then, before we can imagine that we have grasped Truth, it switches clothes. It tells us another story—entirely at odds with the first. It tells us new advice—to go in a different direction. It provides another model of how things are—in which each thing has changed its place.

The fool is confused. He exclaims, "Truth has lied!"

The wise person sees within and finds harmony between all the stories, all the advice, every model we are told.

For the Torah is a simple, pure light, a truth no box can contain.

From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Discussion (15)
February 6, 2015
So true~!
January 29, 2015
A sphere of influence
In the world one always wants a larger vessel, but the vessel is only the finite within the infinite. For the Torah defines the light as it is seen and that which cannot be seen. Open and reveal its wholeness.
San Diego
June 11, 2014
Yes! This reminds me of the children's story, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" even though the premise is different.
June 10, 2014
The truth
I spoke the truth on many occasions. People JUST can't handle.
June 10, 2014
Only when naked can you feel the temperature of truth. It is easy to fool the "body" when your clothing shields you. It may be a protective mechanism but in the end it is all false sense of security. TRUTH. This wisdom inspired and encouraged my journey today beyond what I thougth was still possible.
Thank you!!!
June 10, 2014
Look at the face in profile.
The nose is clearly seen, but the eye is less clearly seen.
Look at the face frm the front.
The shape of the nose is less obvbious, but the entire eye is visible.
So which view is true?
In ancient Egypt, they drew the face in profile, but with the eye as seen from the front. A composite view, an attempt to show the entire truth.
To us this looks grossly distorted. It's true neither of the profile nor of the front view.
But in fact, truth is found only in paradox, because every truth can be seen from morre than one angle, and each angle provides a different aspect of the truth.

Of course, there is always the old story of the blind men and the elephant. Which one had the truth of the elephant? One describes the ear, another describes the trunk, and so on. Each stands in a different spot and depicts that part of the elephant.

Everything in the world is an elephant, or a face. Paradox is necessary for truth.

Example: Gen. I & Gen. II are both true.
June 10, 2014
I had to share because it struck an entire symphony in me, not just a chord!
June 10, 2014
though i don't believe the robes of glory are invisible
i do acknowledge that
a sense of nakedness denotes innocence

& grasping the 'immaculately simple'
is to breathe in a one-ness

& when the World of Formation
makes itself known to us - it is suddenly all simple, again.

Embrace your innocence
Visualize the robes of glory
& walk gently in this world.
Portaferry, IR
June 10, 2014
You pick and learn
As a apple is ready to eat, who knows this as its package tells one its time. As this is kabbalah on how to receive. One is told when ripe and not bitter. As eating a apple has everything for wisdom, one knows that eating pure sugar is ignorance of the world.
San Diego
June 10, 2014
Truth Exposed Inside
We are at the turning point - it's time to shed the external dressings of the Torah - places, morals, families, wars...It's time to explore these dressings as our internal nature and learn from the Zohar, the Ari etc. how to change our self to become like Him within.
Toronto, Canada