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The weekly Torah portion provides context and inspiration to our lives. Join us as we travel together to see how the laws and stories from each Torah portion are relevant to the spiritual psyche of each Jew. Lessons for life based on the Rebbe's talks.

The Curtain Parted

The Curtain Parted


One of the fundamental concepts explained by the Alter Rebbe, author of the Tanya, is that we live each week with the Torah. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson actualized this ideal by dedicating several hours each week to discuss the Torah portion and its relevance to our lives.

The Curtain Parted takes these often lofty concepts taught by the Rebbe and presents them in accessible and simple language. Through chapters divided according to the Torah portion, we are shown the relevance of every parshah to our lives, and how every story and teaching is indeed timely and relevant.

Bereishis - Beginning

Noach - Learning to Bob on the Swirling Waters

Lech Lecha - Finding Oneself

Vayeira - Ever Had G‑d Appear?

Chaye Sarah - The Seeds of Indestructibility

Toldos - The Keys to Greatness

Vayeitzie - Life's Task

Vayishlach - The Blessing of the World

Vayeishev - Dreams to Cherish

Mikeitz Dreams to Reject

Vayigash - The Secret of Pain

Vayechi - Does Shimon Still Beat His Wife?

Shemos - Who Is Telling the Truth?

Va'eira - An Island in Time

Bo - Excluding the Pigs

Beshallach - The Curtain Parted

Yisro - Seeing and Hearing

Mishpotim - Serving the Master

Terumah - The Secret Building Plans for Housing G‑d

Tetzaveh - Altars of Gold and Copper

Ki Tisa - Keep Right

Vayakhel - Parting the Curtain

Pekudai - Life's Journey

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