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Avodah Kochavim

Avodah Kochavim

Hilchot Avodas Kochavim ViChukoseihem

The Laws of The Worship Of Stars And Their Statutes

They contain 51 mitzvot: two positive commandments and 49 negative commandments. They are:

1. Not to show interest in the worship of false gods;
2. Not to stray after the thoughts of one's heart or the sights one's eyes behold;
3. Not to curse [God];
4. Not to worship [false gods] with the types of service with which they are customarily served;
5. Not to bow down to [false gods];
6. Not to make an idol for oneself;
7. Not to make an idol even for others;
8. Not to make images even for decoration;
9. Not to persuade others to [worship false gods];
10. To burn an apostate city;
11. Never to rebuild it;
12. Not to derive benefit from any of its property;
13. Not to persuade a single individual to worship [false gods];
14. Not to love a mesit
15. Not to reduce one's hatred for him;
16. Not to save his life;
17. Not to advance any arguments on his behalf;
18. Not to withhold information that will lead to his conviction;
19. Not to prophesy in the name of [false gods];
20. Not to listen to anyone who prophesies in the name of [false gods];
21. Not to give false prophecy even in the name of God;
22. Not to fear executing a false prophet;
23. Not to swear in the name of a false god;
24. Not to perform the deeds associated with an ov
25. Not to perform the deeds associated with a yid'oni
26. Not to offer to Molech
27. Not to erect a pillar [for purposes of worship];
28. Not to prostrate oneself on hewn stones;
29. Not to plant an asherah
30. To destroy false gods and all their objects of worship;
31. Not to benefit from false gods and all their objects of worship;
32. Not to benefit from ornaments that have adorned false gods;
33. Not to establish a covenant with nations who worship false gods;
34. Not to show them favor;
35. Not to allow them to settle in our land;
36. Not to follow their customs or manner of dress;
37. Not to act as a soothsayer;
38. Not to practice black magic;
39. Not to practice divination;
40. Not to cast spells;
41. Not to seek information from the dead;
42. Not to consult an ov;
43. Not to consult a yid'oni
44. Not to practice sorcery;
45. Not to shave the temples of our heads;
46. Not to shave off the corners of our beards;
47. For a man not to wear a woman's apparel;
48. For a woman not to wear armament or a man's apparel;
49. Not to tattoo [one's body];
50. Not to make cuts in one's flesh;
51. Not to tear out hair [in mourning] for the dead.

The explanation of all these mitzvot is contained within the chapters which follow.