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Around the world communities celebrate the completion of Maimonides' magnum opus. Watch as communities from around the world complete the annual study cycle of Rambam LIVE!

Archived Webcasts of Completion of Maimonides Study Celebrations

Archived Webcasts of Completion of Maimonides Study Celebrations


Men, women, and children across the globe are completing their annual cycle of Maimonides study.In the spring of 1984, the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, called for a qualitative leap in the Torah study schedule of every Jewish man, woman and child. He suggested that everyone study a daily portion of Maimonides ' compendium of Jewish law, thus achieving a level of mastery over the entire corpus of Torah wisdom, and uniting with fellow Jews worldwide.

Around the world communities celebrate the completion of Maimonides' magnum opus.

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DW ny, ny May 27, 2009

Thanks for broadcasting I was especially inspired by the story which Rabbi Wolf (NY) shared about the 3rd Lubavitcher Rebbe and his ruling for a terminally ill chassid. The metaphors of dry bones and irrigated souls gave me alot to reflect on. Reply

Tehillah Ruth Owasso, Ok May 26, 2009

Once Again B"H
Once again another extraordinary broadcast for us to view. Many questions were answered for me today. The"Dry Bones" and the 1st Commandment is not just to believe in G-d , as we all believe, but the crux is to "KNOW" G-d. I never heard it put this way before. Once again, thank you CHabad for all you do for Klal Yisrael. Reply

Tehillah Ruth Owasso, OK May 25, 2009

Thank You ! B"H
Last night's live broadcast was excellent. It most definitely EXCEEDED all of my expectations. The speaker held my attention throughout the entire time. He stated that when we read Rambam we are having a "personal meeting" with the Rambam and the Rebbe." That right there was the HIGHTLIGHT of the whole thing for me !!!! Thank you ever so much for last night.
Now I have been inspired to join with those who studies the daily portion of Maimonides, this will be my first time to do this. Thank you CHabad for bringing this great Mizwah to me !!!!! Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan May 24, 2009

Reaffirmention Baruch HaShem,

It was very inspiring. Reply

Y R Milwaukee, WI via May 24, 2009

History in the making!!! Incredible work! Thank you to and Chabad of Illinois for the hard work put in to share this experience with the world... Reply

Richard Raff Bonneylake, wa May 24, 2009

Can you feel that! I can feel it like a blind man knowing he is close to home Reply

The most renowned of the Jewish medieval scholars, Maimonides indelibly changed the face of Judaism. Read about his scholarship and achievements, and the modern-day global campaign to incorporate his teachings into every Jew’s daily study schedule.
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