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Before putting anything in our mouths, we pause for a moment, recite a few words to ourselves, and only then proceed with our eating. We have transformed the most prosaic of acts into something holy...

Brachot: Blessings for Food & Other Occasions

Brachot: Blessings for Food & Other Occasions


Before a Jew eats or drinks, he or she recites a blessing (called a berachah), praising and thanking the Creator. Each category of foods has its own unique blessing text, based on the provenance of the food and its position in Jewish tradition. There is also an after blessing (called a berachah acharonah) said after eating, tailor made for various kinds of food. “And you will eat and you will be satisfied,” says the Torah, “and you will bless the L‑rd your G‑d for the good and expansive land, which He gave you.”

There are also blessings (brachot) to be said upon seeing natural phenomena, smelling pleasant aromas, or even hearing good news. Saying blessings ensures that every meal is a sacred encounter and every experience is an act of gratitude… Learn More

Reciting a blessing allows us to infuse a seemingly mundane activity with holiness.