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This self of which we are conscious is but a tiny portion of the whole, the tip of a peninsula, a finely focused ray of an infinite source of light.

Upstream lies unimaginable wealth, storehouses of treasures left by many generations. Upstream lies every G‑dly act of our holy mothers and fathers, the strength and courage of every martyr, the unlimited power of G‑d’s breath within us.

When you dance and sing in the joy of a beautiful deed, listen to the music. You will hear your holy mothers and fathers of ages past, dancing and singing along.

From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Discussion (8)
October 3, 2015
Dancing with Them
Monty Pogoda
October 2, 2015
This message was well timed for me.
Shalom Rabbi Freeman
San Diego
San Marcos
October 8, 2012
Dancing with them
Rabbi Freeman,
Shalom i love your articles.
Mr victor fatherheart consoler
Nsugbe, Nsugbe
October 7, 2012
Dancing with them is dancing with everybody
We suffer from tunnel vision - we see the world revolving around ourself, our desires.

Our patriarches exemplified the act of seeing beyond the self - the desire to act for the sake of the one interconnected, harmonious system.

Tremendous effort, cooperation and desire, with G_d's help will enable us to dance to G_d's symphony!
Toronto, Canada
November 25, 2011
Dancing With Them
The day after Thanksgiving, approaching Shabbat, I remember Chaye Sara in Hevron just last week. The L-rd brings me to this point- definitely not my own doing. To see the holy fathers and mothers or to believe I am G-ly enough to dance with them absolutely not in my frame of mind being a full pledged foreigner! But I guess when the Almighty penetrates His light which darkness can stand it! So somehow someday as daughter of the Most High I feel at home and indeed with my father and mother we dance to the work of His great redemption! Hallelu-yah ! Amen!
Forest Hills, NY/USA
November 25, 2011
Dancing With My Heart & Mind, Past,Present,Future
What a wonderfully poetic "Dose" for today! Reading it made me close my eyes and remember myself as a young girl gliding effortlessly and lightly across the ice as I skated with the music filling my whole body; it also made me think of twirling in a new dress as a young woman, knowing that "no one" was watching. And again, dancing with my husband cheek-to-cheek at our wedding. But obviously it never was a case of "no one watching"! The Almighty was watching, as were the Matriarchs and Patriarchs, and all those who went before me!
As a "woman of a certain age" now, I still dance with abandon,energy, love in my heart, but mindful of so very, very much that is beyond my comprehension!
Funny how when we're young, sitting with friends on a university campus, we really do think we "know it all". But we didn't, did we?
Susie Kahn Parker
Northridge, CA
November 25, 2011
yowzers !
Love that last line. In shul and during festivals it's good for the mind to harken back to our ancestors, long past and not so long past, and live life by singing dancing laughing and loving.

Thanks for the tip in the right direction.

Good Shabbos !
July 24, 2008
Not a College Student..sort of..
I am returning to graduate school for an MA in European History this fall via the internet. I am 41 and a happily married woman with 4 beautiful kids ranging in age from 19 to 3.
I think this facebook quote of the day is great! I just signed up so I can share photos with friends and family more easily. We just moved to Florida and our closet shul(Chabad House) is 45 min away so however I can get some Jewish connection in my day I am thrilled. Thanks!