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Experiencing Passover means to be a changed person after it's over. This year let's add a third dimension to our Passover for a true spiritual experience.

Passover In 3D

Passover In 3D

Rabbi Yisrael Pinson is the Director of the Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House in West Bloomfield, MI. Since joining the Friendship House he has helped create a local Jewish Recovery Community where recovering addicts are helped through support, guidance, friendship and community.
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Anonymous Flagstaff, AZ April 2, 2015

Those who made it to Israel included the women of the generation that left mirzrayim among others. Could someone post the reference where the Talmud has Jews dying during the plague of darkness. Reply

Norman Siller Kissimme , Fl. April 19, 2009

2 out of 603,000 made it Yes a small (tiny) percentage made it to Israel, ie; lived to see the promised land. But how many more of those who died before reaching the promised land (such as Moses and Ahron, although they thenselves were not originally slaves) lived long fulfilling lives away from slavery (addictions.) Isn't that why it took 40 years? For the whole generation to die off (except for the 2 who were given a greater reward - to enter Israel) Dayeinu - was it not enough to live free from mitzrayim. Isn't the reward of any sober time, free of my addictions reward enough? the point is many recover without realizing the maximum reward - but what is the maximum reward -Dayeinu! I would like to believe the rate of recovery is a little better than .00333%. But otherwise, good talk. I enjoyed listening and couldn't agree more. I really do need to put more of that 3rd dimension into my life. Thanks Reply

Paula S. Farmington Hills, MI April 7, 2009

What should I get rid of? Rabbi Pinson,

You always make us think about the real essence of the holiday. It's not just having the Seder, it's getting ready for the occasion: So, we have to eradicate the evil inclination and make ourselves humble to receive...

WOW~ you never cease to amaze me. Thanks so much for being our teacher. I'm getting ready for 8 days of humility. Reply

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