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Is there a prayer recited when lighting a Yahrtzeit candle?

Is there a prayer recited when lighting a Yahrtzeit candle?


There are those who say the following words while lighting the candle:

"I light this candle to bring peace to the soul of ________ (insert Jewish name) ben/bat (son of/daughter of) ________ (insert father's Jewish name)."

If the Jewish name of the deceased (or the deceased's father) is not known, the secular name may be used.

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Discussion (19)
August 8, 2013
SImchas Torah
Simchas Torah is no different than any other day as far as saying kaddish for a loved one
Yisroel Cotlar
Cary NC
August 7, 2013
Do I say Kaddish on Simchat Torah
April 9, 2013
yarzeit candle
when in my son's home, do I light a candle as well as he for my husband(his father) or is one enough
April 3, 2013
lighting of a yahrtzeit candle
While Yizkor is said on the eighth day, the yahrtzeit candle is lit the night before, on the seventh night of Passover, using a flame that was lit before the start of the seventh night. It should last for 24 hours. Staff
April 2, 2013
lighting of a yahrtzeit candle
Are you supposed to light a yahrtzeit candle at the end of Passover before saying yitzkor on the 8th day of the holiday?
March 31, 2013
Re Yahrtzeit Candles
Yes you can light the yahrtzeit candles for your in laws. Staff
March 31, 2013
Lighting yahrzeit candles for in laws
Can I light yahrzeit candles for my in laws now that my husband is deceased?
Edith Waxenberg
November 1, 2012
To Jonathan in London
If your relatives did not leave children, you may certainly light candles for them. In the event that the date of death is unknown (as is the case for many who perished in the Holocaust) the family chooses a date on which to observe yartzeit.
Rabbi Menachem Posner
October 31, 2012
Yahrzeit candle
If relatives are dead and have no children who can light the candle and say a prayer,suppose the date of death is uncertain what then? I have been thinking about close family who have died and this matter concerns me .
London, England
September 24, 2012
Re Yahrtzeit candle
Correct, a Yahrtzeit candle is lit before the holiday candles on the Eve of Yom Kippur. For candle lighting times in your area please see
Mrs. Chana Benjaminson
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