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Jonathan finds out that the Siddur is AWESOME!!

A Word from Jono

A Word from Jono


A Word from Jono

Jonathan finds out that the Siddur is AWESOME!!
Prayer, Awe of G-d
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Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 4, 2016

AWESOME Awesome! Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY April 22, 2016

Really, REALLY cute! well done! Reply

Even Yisroel Teitler Tamarac FL June 10, 2015

I really like the Itche Kadoozy show I do not aprove of the names of Hashem because Hashem is infinite. Besides that great video! Keep the movies coming! Reply

c.m.b. baltimpore, md September 8, 2013

im surprised it wasnt "WASOME" like he usually says it... but this was hilarious anyway! Reply

Anonymous melbourne October 21, 2009

whats with his voice its different from the other ones Reply

Faigel Singer Cleveland, OH USA July 9, 2009

wheres Jono's yarmulke? hes observant, isnt he? but it was beautiful! Reply

Ruth UK January 1, 2008

Aword from Jono AWESOME! Loved this and am a big fan of the Itche Kadoozy show! Is it possible to download or buy these in a dvd format so they can be viewed on telly? My 2 yr old and hubby are fans too. Reply

mendel rivkon New Orleans, LA/USA October 30, 2007

its awesome! i love itche kadoozy Reply

Rachel May 5, 2007

This is great stuff, but how do you think a little girl feels when she hears that God is a He, Moses is a Reighteous dude, The Itche Kadoozy show is a male rabbi talking to a male kid. This excludes fifty or more percent of the population. My girl ends up thinking that the world is men and she just doesn't realize it otherwise. It's fact-male are the teachers. It's not fair to her. Reply

Yosef B. April 25, 2007

Listened to it again -- well, OK maybe not G-d and "boy" rather than dude. But still... Reply

Yosef B. April 25, 2007

Calling G-d "bad dude" -- bit too much. IMHO.
But thanks for the Siddur ad! Reply

Elijah U.S.A February 6, 2007

Jono always says "Awesome!" Reply

Jonothen Coopenhagen, Zimbabwa September 6, 2006

I agree! I share names with Jono, so we have something in common. I just want to say that I totaly agree- G-D IS AWSOME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Reply

the Newfields Brooklyn, NY December 12, 2005

Itcha Kadoozy Thank you so much for the hysterical informative shows. We all enjoy them immensely!! Reply

Levi and Esther September 4, 2005

We are huge fans of the kadoozy show. Keep up the great work!

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