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How could it be that a prayer goes unanswered?

Some will tell you that every prayer is answered, but sometimes the answer is, “no”.

Those who say this do not understand the secret of prayer. For prayer is when a human being below burns down the walls of his or her own ego, bringing delight to the One Above. And when delight is brought Above, it must return below.

So some will tell you that, yes, the prayer is always answered, but perhaps only in a spiritual realm. Not always can a prayer affect the coarseness of our material world.

But this cannot be, for the human being below did not pray for a spiritual blessing, but for a material one. To the place from which the prayer came, to there the blessing must return.

Rather, it must be that every prayer is answered, in our world, now, for the one who prayed and for that which he prayed.

The problem is only in the packaging—that it is wrapped up in the messy business of our coarse and dark world, so that at times we cannot see through the wrappings to discover the answer to our prayer.

But there will be a time when all of us will return to the One Above with all our hearts, and then all the concealment of this world will be shattered. The wrappings will fall away and we will see how each prayer was answered in its time. And we will hold all the blessings of all those millennia in our hands.

Maamar Vayigash Elav 5725, 6.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Suri Katz Broooooklyn January 20, 2015

Attn: Rabbi Freeman I'm trying to understand the paragraph about the packaging. Would it be possible for you to provide us with an example of that?

Thank you for all of your inspiring lessons. May Hashem give you the strength to continue your important work. Reply

Yaakov Baffled January 19, 2015

Abstract This article describes something that I simply cannot begin to understand and yet I very much long to understand it. Reply

zak San Diego January 7, 2015

Next All prayers are answered if directed correctly. Some slow and some fast, but that’s world time and not heavens time. Be patience and have faith, for many others who pray may have priority over yours. But this is why we pray for others first and then ourselves. Reply

Anonymous Thornhill, Canada September 22, 2010

answered prayers This is the most amazing insight about prayers being answered. It really incentivises us to pray more carefully. Thanks. Reply

Lisa Bowman Sierra Madre, CA September 17, 2010

Answered prayers I found this post to be full of astonishing spiritual insight. Thank you so much. I have shared it with the people who read my interfaith site. Bless you.

P.S. I'm Catholic. Reply

Anonymous September 16, 2010

packaging This post describes what you mean by packaging. You used it a couple posts back without defining it. I get it now. The packaging concept doesn't bother me. I am not sitting here looking for signs that my prayers get answered. As you point out there may be too much 'static' in the air/subconscious. It's nice to know that all the prayers do get answered. That's enough to keep me praying. Reply

Shahid September 16, 2010

Experience! Whatever described in this write up is so true. I have experienced this many times (perhaps all the time). ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS IS ALWAYS GIVEN. I agree totally. Many thanks to Rabbi Freeman.

Regards. Reply

Anonymous Portsmouth, OH September 16, 2010

Asked and Answered Each prayer is made in its time- when its maker is ready to call out. Then, the answer, already present, is perceived. Like the reward for a mitzvah is the mitzvah, itself, the "answer" to a prayer is the act of praying. Reply

Anonymous Newton, MA September 16, 2010

what is the answer? but what if you pray for your loved one to get a certain job and he doesn't get it or any job? How has that particular prayer for a concrete needed result been answered affirmatively? Reply

Anonymous ma., ma. September 16, 2010

prayer connection When the delight pf prayer is brought from a person below, is it a direct return from above to the person praying below or does the delight from above return to the world in a more general sense?
Do people have a direct connection to G-d through prayer? or is it more diffuse in it's return? Reply

Devorah Maastricht, Netherlands September 16, 2010

Praying I'm often able to see/perceive the answers to my prayers straightaway. I have the feelings my prayers are answered immediately. The only one prayer which has not materialised yet, is to find my zivug (soulmate), Suppose the answer is, not yet? Reply

Michal September 16, 2010

Answered prayers How wonderfull!!!
I got a totally new insight.
And it is true!!!
Thank you so much, Rabbi Freeman!

Have a blessed Jom Kippur. Reply

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