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Miri demonstrates how one little candle puts a lot of power into the hands of one little girl. Or is it really just one little girl?

Shabbat Candle Power

Shabbat Candle Power


Shabbat Candle Power

Miri demonstrates how one little candle puts a lot of power into the hands of one little girl. Or is it really just one little girl?
Shabbat, Shabbat Candles, Kabbalah

People look for deep things in high places. Like lofty mountaintops and profound philosofizicationing. But the Infinite Light is simple. And so it is found in the simplest of places.

Like this little girl lighting a candle. Looks pretty innocent, right? But the Kabbalist will tell you that this little girl is the sefira of Malchut bringing the light of the innermost of Chochmah into the created worlds of Briah, Yetsirah and Assiah. And that innermost light is the same as the innermost of the Ancient of Days, a.k.a. the Hidden Light of the Seven Days of Creation which is in turn the innermost of the Infinite Light—meaning The Essence. Now we're getting heavy. Simple=heavy. Get it?

The main point is: Wanna impact the world big time? Get Kabbalistic. Get a little girl to light a candle. There's a lot more power in that little candle than in all the philosofications of your entire library.

Written and conceived by Tzvi Freeman. Rabbi Freeman is available for public speaking and workshops. Read more on his bio page.
Music by The Piamentas
Rabbi Infinity played by Andrew Torres
Animation and SFX by Pilar Newton of Pilar Toons
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chana Wa February 11, 2017

I'm a new member I love this video, I am 4 yrs old Reply

Israel Rosh September 6, 2015

This animation is indeed lovely! I loved it. Thanks for posting it. I´ll share it on Facebok! Shabbat Shalom! Reply

isaiah 35 boulder ave June 20, 2015

That is so cool. I am going to show it to my sister on the ipad mini. Reply

Anonymous December 22, 2014

Love it so much!!!!!! It is so cute i also wish Miri was one of my kid's!!!! Reply

Fruma Belinsky Baltimore, Maryland February 23, 2014

adorable! It's a nice way to teach people how to light Shabbos candles! Reply

Anonymous usa December 18, 2013

animation mistake notice how when Miri sais "Koydesh" and the mother puts hur hands up, her necklace suddenly disappeares!

Besides for that, it's a really cute video. I love Miri's little voice Reply

omg omg September 25, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Oh gosh yea!!! Reply

mushka cancun September 29, 2013

wow i love miri i wish she was my daughter Reply

Resh June 29, 2013


Shabbat Shalom Reply

Anonymous June 26, 2013

adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she talks really cute Reply

Ziva Scotland, UK January 25, 2011

Georgous :) I think the 5th sentence is "Now this is a time when.."

I love the feeling that even though my Mum is gone, she's still there with me on Friday night :) Reply

Irene Alhanati Cardillo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil January 21, 2011

Shabbat Candles This animation is indded lovely! I loved it! Thanks for posting it. I´ll share it on Facebok! Shabbat Shalom! Reply

Eszter Budapest, Hungary January 13, 2011

still don't understand the 5th sentence.... Could somebody help me out please?
right after 'the candles - they get there first' and before 'when i'm lighting candles with my Mom'


PS: Loved the video! Especially when Miri bursts into a nigun (and you can hear her clapping too) :) Reply

mushky herzog December 19, 2010

its nice to have a video thats good education in a fun way!! Reply

Mr. Meir Weiss December 19, 2010

soo cute yasher co'ach Reply

Raquel Alexandre Sao Paulo, Brazil November 16, 2010

Candles Wonderfull ! Reply

blumah overland park, ks November 13, 2010

thank you thank you for this wonderful video about candlelighting for girls. we showed this video at our first tzivos hashem rally for kids and they loved it, especially the song and dance at the end. the joy of the mitzvah is superbly expressed by this little girl!
much nachas and thank you again for a superb script and presentation. Reply

yisrolik korf mb , fl usa January 19, 2010

shabbat candle power it is funny after she takes her hands off of her eyes she starts singing and jumping while saying ah di di yah yah yah yah yah yi ah di di di Reply

Rabbi Infinity September 21, 2009

Re: question on pronunciation Because it was a little girl saying it--and we got her confused enough already! Reply

ata jerusalem, israel September 21, 2009

question on pronounciation how come it was pronounced "shabbat" with a "T" sound and not an "S" sound, but "kodesh" was pronounced "koidesh"?
it should be one or the other. Reply

linda bennett edmonton, ab September 17, 2009

how we forget it seems incredible that in this busy world of ours, we fortget the simplest things, and forget the power those simple things have. it truly takes a child to lead! Reply

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