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Passover Salads

Passover Salads


Editor's note: While all of the ingredients in the Passover recipes are kosher for Passover, each community has its own customs as to what to use or not use on Passover. Please also note that any processed food must have a reliable "Kosher for Passover" certification.

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Shira Jerusalem, Israel April 1, 2010

About the book I have this book and used it through Passover. I haven't found any recipes that contain matzo meal or kitniyot. The book has a lot of vegetarian recipes like soups, salads, side dishes or dairy. Vegetables in a lot of dishes could be peeled. The only problem that I came across is - spices. Some recipes, not a lot, call for spices that I do not use on Passover. But I will try to make them during the year. It is a great book and I'm planning to use it whole year long. I bought it at the Targum press and I'm highly recommend it. Reply

Anonymous Chicago, Illinois March 9, 2010

non-gebrokts recipes are there many recipes that do not have
any matzo or matzo meal or cake flour
in them? Reply

Sarah Masha W Bloomfield, MI/USA via March 27, 2009

gluten free is not pesachdik First, I will also ask if there are any diet friendly and vegetarian recipes.

Second, those of us on gluten free diets are not eating Passover style all year long. Many of us (especially the vegetarians) eat fair amounts of beans and nongluten containing grains, such as rice and corn. During Pesach I enjoy eating in other people's homes without worrying so much about the ingredients in the food. Only two things I cannot eat are kosher for Passover. Reply

Susan E Slesinger Seal Beach, CA March 24, 2009

Is the book vegetarian and diet friendly I am curious if this book has vegetarian and low calorie recipes. In going through my Jewish cookbooks very few have vegetarian/pescatariian friendly and reduced calorie selections. I would appreciate some input Reply

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