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Links in the Chassidic Legacy is a collection biographical sketches of Chassidic personalites of the previous generations. Originally appeared in the columns of the student journal "Hatamim", the book takes the reader on a tour through the ages with each of these famed Chassidim.

Links in the Chassidic Legacy

Links in the Chassidic Legacy


The history of the chassidim goes hand-in-hand with the history of Toras HaChassidus. In every generation, Chassidus gave rise to individuals who were unique among chassidim in devoting their whole being heart, soul, and material resources to Toras HaChassidus and the chassidic style of avodah. Because of this, their names are remembered with praise and renown, and have been recorded permanently by succeeding generations.

Many chassidim achieved fame even outside the circles of Chabad Chassidus. Others were known during their lifetimes only among their fellow chassidim, and we have had to expend much time and effort in order to gather the research material needed for a proper review of the stories of these unique personalities.


Translator's Introduction Editor's Jottings Introduction by the Editor's of HaTamim Rashbatz Reb Chanoch Hendel Reb Avraham Ber Reb "Y.M." Rashdam Reb Chayim Yehoshua Reb Gavriel "Nossai Chein" The Vilenker Brothers Reb Avraham Abba Persan Typical Chassidic Businessman Reb Yitzchak The Tailor's Father Appendix
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