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Blessings For Tefillin

Blessings For Tefillin

The Blessings and Prayers; translated and transliterated


The Blessings

After placing the Tefillin on the left arm, before tightening the strap, the following blessing is recited:

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to put on tefillin.


Boruch Ato Ado-noy Elo-hay-nu Me-lech Ho-lom A-sher Kidshonu B'mitz-vo-sov V'tzi-vonu L'ho-niach Tefillin.

While putting on Tefillin, it is prohibited to interrupt the procedure by conversation or gesture. If an interruption was made, the following blessing should be said:

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us concerning the mitzvah of Tefillin.


Boruch Ato Ado-noy Elo-hay-nu Me-lech Ho-olom A-sher Kidshonu B'mitz-vo-sov V'tzi-vonu Al Mitz-vas Tefillin.

The Shema

The following passage, the 'Shema', is recited while wearing the Tefillin:

Hear, O Israel, the L-rd is our G‑d, the L-rd is One.

Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever.

You shall love the L-rd your G‑d with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. And these words which I command you today shall be upon your heart. You shall teach them thoroughly to your children, and you shall speak of them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road, when you lie down and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be for a reminder between your eyes. And you shall write them upon the doorposts of your house and upon your gates.

And it will be, if you will diligently obey My commandments which I enjoin upon you this day, to love the L-rd your G‑d and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul, I will give rain for your land at the proper time, the early rain and the late rain, and you will gather in your grain, your wine and your oil. And I will give grass in your fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be sated. Take care lest your heart be lured away, and you turn astray and worship alien gods and bow down to them. For then the L-rd's wrath will flare up against you, and He will close the heavens so that there will be no rain and the earth will not yield its produce, and you will swiftly perish from the good land which the L-rd gives you. Therefore, place these words of Mine upon your heart and upon your soul, and bind them for a sign on your hand, and they shall be for a reminder between your eyes. You shall teach them to your children, to speak of them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road, when you lie down and when you rise. And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates - so that your days and the days of your children may be prolonged on the land which the L-rd swore to your fathers to give to them for as long as the heavens are above the earth.

The L-rd spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the children of Israel and tell them to make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and to attach a thread of blue on the fringe of each corner. They shall be to you as tzizit, and you shall look upon them and remember all the commandments of the L-rd and fulfill them, and you will not follow after your heart and after your eyes by which you go astray - so that you may remember and fulfill all My commandments and be holy to your G‑d. I am the L-rd your G‑d who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your G‑d; 1, the L-rd, am your G‑d. True.


She-ma Yis-ro-el Ado-noy Elo-hay-nu Ado-noy Ech-od.

Bo-ruch Shaym Ke-vod Mal-chu-so Le-olom Vo-ed.

Veohavto Ays Ado-noy Elo-he-cho Bechol Levov-cho Uve-chol Naf-she-cho Uve-chol Meo-de-cho. Ve-ho-yu Ha-devorim Ho-eleh Asher Ono-chee Me-tzav-cho Ha-yom Al Le-vovecho. Veshi-nan-tom Levo-ne-cho Ve-dibar-to Bom, Be-shiv-techo Be-vai-se-cho Uve-lech-techo Va-derech Uve-shoch-be-cho Uvekume-cho. Uke-shar-tom Le-os Al Yo-de-cho Ve-ho-yu Le-to-tofos Bein Eine-cho. Uche-savtom Al Me-zuzos Beis-echo U-vishore-cho.

Ve-ho'-yo, Im Sho-mo-a Tish-me-u El Mitz-vo-sy, Ah-sher Ono-chi Me-tzave Es-chern Ha-yom, Le-ah-ha-vo Es Ado-noy Elo-hay-chern Ul-ov-do Be-chol Levav-chem Uve-chol Naf-she-chem. Ve-no-sa-tee Me-tar Ar-tze-chem, Be-ee-to Yore U-mal-kosh, Ve-osaf-to De-go-ne-cho Ve-see-rosh-cho Ve-yeetz-ho-re-cho. Veno-sa-tee Ay-sev Be-sod-cho Leev-hem-te-cho Ve-o-chal-to Ve-so-vo-to. Heeshom-ru Lo-chem Pen Yeef-teh Le-vav-chem, Ve-sar-tem Va-a-vad-tem Elo-heem Ah-chay-reem ve-heesh-ta-cha-vee-sem Lo-hem. Ve-cho-ro, Ahf Ado-noy Bochern Ve-o-tzar Es Ha-sho-ma-yeem Ve-lo Yee-he-ye Ma-tar Ve-ho-a-do-mo Lo See-tayn Es Ye-vu-lo, Va-a-vad-tern Me-hay-ro May-al Ho-o-retz Ha-to-vo Ahsher Ado-noy No-sayn Lo-chem. Ve-sam-tern Es De-vo-ry Ay-le Ahl Le-vav-chern Ve-ahl Naf-she-chem, Uk-shar-tern O-som Le-os Ahl Yed-chern Ve-ho-yu Le-toto-fos Bayn Ay-nay-chem. Ve-lee-mad-tern O-som Es Be-nay-chem Le-da-bayr Bom, Be-shiv-te-cho Be-vay-se-cho Uv-lech-te-cho Va-de-rech Uv-shoch-be-cho Uv-ku-me-cho. Uch-sav-tom Ahl Me-zu-zos Bay-se-cho U-vee-sho-re-cho. Lema-an Yeer-bu Ye-may-chern Vee-may Ve-nay-chem Ahl Ho-ah-do-mo, Ah-sher Neesh-ba Ado-noy La-ah-vo say-chern Lo-says Lo-hem, Kee-may Ha-sho-mayeem Ahl Ho-o-retz.

Va-yo-mer Ado-noy El Mo-she Lay-mor. Da-bayr El Be-nay Yis-ro-el Ve-omar-to Alay-hern Ve-o-su Lo-hern Tzee-tzees Ahl Kan-fay Veeg-day-hem Le-doro-som, Ve-nos-nu Ahl Tzee-tzees Ha-ko-nof, Pe-seel Te-chay-les. Ve-ho-yo Lochern Le-tzee-tzees, Ur-ee-sem O-so, Uz-char-tem, Es Kol Mitz-vos Ado-noy, Vaah-see-sem, O-som. Ve-lo So-su-ru Ah-cha-ray Le-vav-chern Ve-ah-cha-ray Aynay-chem Ah-sher atem Zo-neem Ah-cha-ray-hem. Le-ma-an Teez-ke-ru Vaah-see-sem Es Kol Mitz-vo-soy, Vee-he-yee-sem Ke-do-sheern Lay-lo-hay-chem. Ah-nee Ado-noy Elo-hay-chem, Ah-sher Ho-tzay-see Es-chem, May-eretz Mitzray-yeem Lee-he-yos Lochem Lay-lo-heem, Ah-nee Ado-noy Elo-hay-chem. Emes.

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Anonymous ohio July 3, 2016

I just witnessed a young boy do his prayer on a greyhound bus Reply

Rabbi Menachem Posner via October 23, 2013

Hi Jamey,

I plan to write something up on this. For now, here is what I have planned so far (sorry not footnotes):

There is no set-in-stone way to put away your tefillin. However, here are some pointers to keep in mind:
• When removing your tefillin, you basically reverse the order in which they were put on:
o Unwind the straps from your finger and your hand.
o Remove the head tefillin. Show your reluctance by using your non-primary (left) hand.
o Remove the rest of the hand tefillin.
• The prevalent Chabad custom is to stand while removing both pairs of tefillin.
• Wrap the straps up for easy storage. However, don’t wrap them around the square boxes (batim), as it would in an inappropriate “use” of the sacred boxes that house the Torah verses that give the tefillin their sanctity. Rather, you should wrap the straps around the protruding bases —wrapping them on both sides so that they resemble a dove’s wings.
• By the same token, when wrapping the tefillin, make sure you are wrapping the straps around the stationary boxes, and not the other way around.
• When wrapping the head tefillin, place the knot on top of the base, and not under it
• When wrapping the hand tefillin, make sure that the knot of the tefillin should be touching the box.
• Ideally, you should put them away side by side, with the hand tefillin slightly higher than the head tefillin. This way when you take them out the next morning, you will first encounter the hand tefillin, which is put on first.
• Give your tefillin a kiss when you put them away. They are a treasured friend with whom you just had a very intimate rendezvous. Reply

Anonymous South Florida October 18, 2013

Putting tefillin away correctly My deepest gratitude goes out to the people who are responsible for putting this very important information on line and developing this website. There are many people like myself who depend heavily on this information to solidify our relationship with G-d. With all due respect to all; for this very important information, I humbly request another very important part added to this. That is the proper wrapping of the Tefillin in the box to be put away. I know G-d forgives me for not doing it properly as the very important part is doing it. I have always been a proud devote Jew and it is important to me to take this to the next level and do it correctly. I know I have so much more to learn, although I would greatly appreciate you posting this information, not just for me but for everyone.

Thank you, Reply

Anonymous yorkville, il March 24, 2013

slowly learning with the grace of god This will be the first year god is teaching me to obey passover. I am very excited for the teaching. I thank our dear lord for your website and bringing it into my life so i may better serve him. Reply

Frank morris lawrenceburg, Tennessee February 16, 2012

This is something I am working on, it is a special moment when I put on Tefillin and pray and connect to Hashem. Reply

Michael Shellim South Orange, NJ January 18, 2012

Makes my day! I am not a very devout Jew, I try to do what I can, but with sincerity & total faith, & I must say, with my tefillin prayers,I face life with new vigour & strength everyday, knowing knowing I am not alone, by the grace of Hashem! Reply

Yochanan Skokie, IL via August 11, 2010

missing info May I suggest that actual Hebrew be added to this page? as well as Hareni and Ach Tzadikim?
thanks allowing us to offer suggestions. Reply

Richard M Marcus Philadelphia, Pa./USA December 3, 2008

Putting on Tefillin every morning What I think about most often as I put on Tefillin and say the prayers, is that I am part of this Nation of People who have thought about, practiced, and lived by the thought of Torah and Tefillin for centuries, and millenia, It is inspiring, deeply thought-provoking, and thrilling to think about that. Without it, we are nameless, faceless, and alone. But with Torah in our hearts and minds, and Tefillin physically near to our hearts and minds, we are a part of this great nation and history Reply

Jacob Danishevsky Livingston, NJ, USA June 26, 2008

Very interesting and important information As I have been putting on tefillin, I often question myself if I am doing everything right and what is the actual reasoning of one's putting on tefillin. This portion of the site was very helpful and very interesting, even though I already knew that I was doing things right, some were great help and modifications to what I was doing. Reply

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