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The Ladder Up

The Ladder Up

Secret Steps to Jewish Happiness


Until the time prior to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, it was forbidden for Jews to learn the secret side of Torah unless they understood the whole of the Talmud, were over forty years and married. These three conditions exempted most ordinary people from access to those secrets.

From the time that information began being released, and for the first time in Jewish history, an ordinary Jew had access to properly understand the greatest principles in the universe. We will deal with some of these as building blocks. When concepts are on board, we will apply them to specifics and then to the world. With this information a Jew can soar into the Heavens.

Part One: Building Blocks Acknowledgments Part Two: Life Secrets Part Three: Secrets of the Festivals Epilogue: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? Buy This Book Online
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Bill New paltz December 5, 2015

First exposure to this tradition.... I'm intrigued with this writing and don't know why. It's my first reading of anything from this tradition. I consider myself atheist though raised Catholic. I would check out a congregation that discussed ideas like these. Reply

Anonymous Kansas city,Kansas November 4, 2012

your book=the ladder up ?Is this a hint from Ha-Shem? Your book seems to have flown into my hands,from Australia, this book is loaded with knowledge!! Read page on daas/dat,whilst watching food selection at vending machines,and kids reaction-to other kids selection. Reply