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Where can I get Organic Kosher Meat?

Where can I get Organic Kosher Meat?



Where can I get organically grown, humanely treated, kosher meat?


There may be more, but here are three that I am aware of:

(Obviously, none of this should be regarded as an endorsement of any of these services or of their kashrut, not by me, not by and not even by my Aunt Millie. But if you find their services and standards satisfactory, please let me know.)

Mitzvah Meat claims on its website:

"The farmers we are working with are raising grass-fed, grass-finished animals. In other words, these animals will have been living on pasture for all of their lives. They are not treated with any chronic low-level antibiotics, artificial hormones or other growth promoters. The animals and pastures are not treated with pesticides, herbicides, pour-on substances or internal wormers. They are given hay throughout the winter with additional high quality minerals and supplements if needed, particularly under severe winter weather conditions."

"We are very lucky to have Rabbi Lesches, a highly respected Lubavitch rabbi overseeing the process of glatt kosher certification."

Then there's Wise Organic Pastures. Here's the copy from their steak label:

Grass-fed and grain-finished on organic feed... pasture-raised with unrestricted outdoor access, raised humanely by family farmers, processed using strict guidelines for animal welfare.

Certified organic by: International Certification Services.

Certified kosher by: Crown Heights Kosher and Orthodox Union.

And finally, Kosher Conscience Co-op. They provide humanely treated turkeys for Thanksgiving and fresh raw goat's milk—it seems that's also seasonal.

Like I said, no endorsements here—I won't even tell you whether I've eaten them or not. But you can let me know.

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Chaya Sarah Silberberg Michigan August 7, 2017

The supermarkets in Monsey carry organic kosher meat. Rockland Kosher is one, Evergreen is another Reply

Fran New City NY July 27, 2017

Is there anyone in Rocklamd County NY that sells organic kosher meat? Reply

Tevya Los Angeles September 20, 2015

Glatt Kosher Organic Grass Fed Beef Tevya's Ranch has recently begun selling Organic meat, see for local options - also available online in the West Coast Reply

Anonymous NJ July 23, 2015

I work in a kosher supermarket and we sell the Wise chickens. I eat them and they are delicious. I also called them and spoke with them and they stood by their claims. I recommend them. Reply

Anonymous June 17, 2014

Kosher Meat: Not organic...but regulated moreso than other Kosher foods I'm not sure if this answers your questions about ALL Kosher meat production, but it certainly rested my mind on the subject.

"And, as Fishkoff points out, with the exception of kosher meat production, which follows strict rules regarding the feed, the humane slaughter and the processing of only healthy animals with no outward or inner flaws, there’s little to suggest that most kosher food in general is intrinsically healthier or of better quality than non-kosher food."

It's not allowing me to post the article, but it is from this article online. You ca Google it if you like: “Can Kosher Match Organic, Free Range Food?” Baltimore Jewish Times, March 1, 2012 Reply

Elisabeth B. Vermont June 10, 2014

Thanks, anonymous. I think you're right about the certified organic part - they don't claim to be certified on their website.

I erred because for the past decade or so, my mother raised lambs for many of the local restaurants and B&B's where I live; these animals had a wonderful pastured life, dining on fresh grass & clover and hay and the meat was known for its high quality. However, if an animal got sick enough to need medication, we gave it. So while the final product was 'natural' and 'pastured' (and delicious!), it wasn't actually certified organic - although I always kind of thought of it as such.

They do say that their poultry "is never given any antibiotics, medications, or growth enhancing hormones during production." And "No synthetic or supplemental hormones in feed or implanted in cattle, EVER [sic]".

That said, I emailed them to inquire further. Thanks again. Reply

Anonymous queens ny June 10, 2014

I'm pretty sure grow and behold is not certified organic, and is not hormone, steroid and antibiotic free...look in to it. Reply

Elisabeth B. Vermont June 10, 2014

We get all our kosher organic meat from Grow & Behold. It's a wonderful husband & wife company, and their products are delicious! Reply

Chaim Miami January 8, 2013

Organic and Grassfed Kosher meat Ships to all USA locations There is a company that ships to all US destinations, though the shipping cost may be a bit hefty if you are on the west coast. I use them often. The quality is really superb...Sometimes you may have to wait, because availability is short, so give yourself ample time. The company is Aaron's
There is also KOL foods they only seem to have grass fed. Reply

Rebecca Friedman Asheville nc January 7, 2013

Kol Their products are excellent and they buy only from farms that pasture their animals. Costs are competitive. Reply

Robert Melbourne, AUSTRALIA July 31, 2012

Kosher grass-fed meats in Australia How would I go about obtaining this in Australia? Reply

Simha montreal, CANADA February 11, 2012

Ethical issues to meat, chicken, milk, eggs How can the Jewish community eat ethically, if people are not ready to become parve/vegan.
How is that the kosher certification is given to animals raised in torture and suffering. How can we eat consciously observing the mitzva of not causing tsaar baalei haim, pain to living creatures, and taking care of the environment. I am in Montreal. We have Tiferent Organic for chicken. Are more people interested in creating alternatives? Reply

Alex fh, ny October 12, 2011

organic and exotic meats There is a nice place in rego park ny that has many cuts of organic grass-fed meats and organic poultry. They have a really nice selection. New York in general has many options available.

Anonymous Brookline, MA May 27, 2011

Empire Organic Kosher Poultry Trader Joe's does still carry organic kosher chicken breass, and whole chicken. I hoped to find some kosher organic ground beef. I found kosher ground beef, but it was not organic.
WholeFoods on Westland ave had kosher natural chicken, but that seemed to be about IT. Reply

Irv Arlington February 23, 2011

I buy from KOL Foods but I don't live in Canada Reply

Chani Benjaminson, February 9, 2011

BC Perhaps try asking the Chabad in BC? You can contact them at Reply

Ruth New Westminster, BC, Canada February 8, 2011

Organic Kosher Meat Does anyone know if organic kosher poultry or meat is readily available in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, Cdn? Reply

Menachem Posner for Montreal, PQ February 8, 2011

To Rachel To the best of my knowledge, there is not any commercially available kosher organic meat in Quebec. However, there is kosher organic meat sold in Ontario, and you may be able to buy some there. Reply

Rachel Montreal, Canada February 8, 2011

ORGANIC KOSHER MEAT Is there any organic kosher meat in Quebec Canada? Reply

erin December 28, 2009

never mind the descriptions.. even from as faraway as australia, it is comforting to see some Jews are concerned by the highly unethical state of our meat (and 'food') industries. to move foward with sustainable farming and gardening practices is a real mitzvah and i can see no greater way to show our love and respect for G-d than to learn how to sustain ourselves and our children in a transparently ethical manner. we can do it! there is a grassroots movement taking hold worldwide. a movement towards ethical based systems in all areas; agriculture, business, housing, forestry. as Jews i truly believe that we can shine in this area, but we need to go deeper and consider a new paradigm within our faith. WITHIN our faith. as Mamoindes stated everything is there already now the light is shining in new areas thats all. lets move forward to a real appreciation of G-d s world and an appreciation of each other, in preparation for Moshiach. all the best. Reply

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