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To create is to reveal the parts from the whole.

To repair takes a greater wisdom. It is to discover the whole from the shattered parts.

He creates a world, knowing it will be broken, so He may empower us with the wisdom to repair it.

From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. To order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Discussion (13)
September 3, 2011
Thanks for the insightful response Tzvi. May we all go from strength to strength, making the world a place for light to shine in order to ignite our sense of purpose.
Shavua tov.
Dr. Amy Austin
Rancho Mirage, Ca/USA
September 3, 2011
our creation is a continuum of dismantling, reassembly and recreation.
Calabar, Nigeria
September 3, 2011
For Anonymous about the glue
The glue is the Torah, and we use it by sharing it with others.
Dwight d. williams
Garland, TX
September 2, 2011
I have may questions on this.Many.
Some of them are:

-world broken from what? From another previous whole world?
-why these shattered parts are not simply parts of the (supposedly) previous world ready to be re-gathered but instead are full of shells of darkness (is it?) to be un-covered by poor us? Was the previous world full of these shells outside it? Was this previous world a world without Light? If there was light in this previous world, where was it guarded? Was it guarded within everything thing, or was it revealed?

But, in anther thought, I read once that we are permited to explore only this world we live in and no others, so...Was that previous world (Tohu and...) part of this world we live in and part of our history to be revealed?
September 2, 2011
I can not understand all the deep sentences. I am not saying they are not true, just I can not understand. To me, I am so broken that I do not think the L-rd can empower me to do any repair myself. I just cast myself at His mercy and expect He does somehow.
Forest Hills, NY
September 5, 2008
Back to Amy
The world would have looked just great. Now it will look even better.

The maamar is "Hanachash haya arum" in Torah Ohr. Elucidated at length in Torat Chaim.
Tzvi Freeman
Thornhill, Canada
September 5, 2008
Your response...
So, then if they had not sinned and had not transformed from the inside out, what would the world have looked like? And, the same for the human condition?
Shabbat Shalom...
Dr. Amy Austin
La Quinta, CA/USA
September 5, 2008
Reply to "G-d's role"
G-d knew they would sin and intended it be that way. G-d, I believe, wanted to challenge humankind with free choice. Life would be uninteresting to us as well as to G-d were there no possibilities of sin.
Barry Leshowitz
Scottsdale , AZ
September 4, 2008
for Amy
Yes, they were predisposed, but they had free choice.
Your second question is asked by the Alter Rebbe. He answers (my paraphrase): If they had not sinned, they would have gathered all the sparks and put back together pieces from their place in the garden. But the darkness would never be transformed from the inside out.
Tzvi Freeman
Thornhill, Canada
September 4, 2008
for Barry
Repair, in Hebrew, is called "Avoda"--which means work. Hard work. Which is why prayer heals.
If you have tilled the heart enough that it can pray, it is soft enough to receive blessing from above as well. That itself is repair.
Tzvi Freeman
Thornhill, Canada
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