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A Letter in a Torah Scroll

A Letter in a Torah Scroll

The Indispensable Letter


The Torah scroll is a tangible embodiment of our connection to G‑d, our most precious treasure and our guide to life. “And now,” Moses says, “write for yourselves this song” (Deuteronomy 31:19). Meaning that every Jew should write a Torah scroll.

But writing a Torah is a laborious process. Each one of its 304,805 letters must be written by hand, with ink and quill on parchment, in special calligraphy, by a trained scribe.

If you’re not a trained scribe, you could always commission one to write a Torah for you. But if you can’t afford that, there is another way to fulfill the mitzvah: Purchase just one letter in a Torah—meaning, have just one letter written specifically for you.

Jewish Unity

Every individual—big or small, scholar or unlearned—is one letter

Which is the most important letter in the Torah? The first? The last? The letters in the Ten Commandments? Actually, if any letter is missing or incomplete, the whole scroll is invalid for use.

The Jewish nation is one Torah scroll. Every individual—big or small, scholar or unlearned—is one letter. We are all one, interdependent and equally important.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory proposed that all Jews join together by purchasing a letter in a “collective” Torah scroll, expressing our inherent unity. One nation, one Torah, one G‑d.

Moreover, a letter in the Torah places its owner in “G‑d’s book.” “At that time,” the prophet Daniel says, “your people will be delivered, everyone who is found inscribed in the book . . .”

Click here to purchase a letter in the Jewish Unity Torah.

Children’s Torah

The Rebbe also encouraged the writing of special Torahs to unite children. Pure, unblemished by sin, theirs is a perfect unity. Every Jewish boy or girl under the age of bar or bat mitzvah can acquire a letter in the Children’s Torah Scroll. Five Children’s Torahs have been completed. The sixth one is currently being written in the Old City of Jerusalem—where all these Torahs are housed.

The cost of a letter in this special Torah is $1. The child also receives a personalized ornate certificate.

Click here for a letter in the Children’s Torah.

Illustrations by Yehuda Lang. To view more artwork by this artist, click here.
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Anonymous Brooklyn, NY September 20, 2015

Yasher Koach! A Unity Sefer Torah--what a wonderful idea!
Just bought several letters for friends and acquaintances.
If I ever get a chance to visit Israel, I definitely want to daven near it.
When will it be completed? Where will it be housed? Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma January 23, 2015

the Hebrew Letter, LAMED I woke in the night. I saw the Hebrew Letter Lamed. Trace the outlines of the Dreidel and you will see two Lameds. They form the dreidel, they face each other. And this too is a vessel.

The English for Lamed contains Lame. We have all been lamed. It is an ancient Story, as in we all get an Achilles Heel. We all have something, and more, a personal angst to work through. And Vessels is a Kabbalist word, as we are all of us vessels, we give, as in we pour, we fill, we empty and we replenish.

Long ago I wrote a letter to a Rabbi at Chabad about my life. There was no response. If you look at the letters, my letters, to the world, you will see a Story. And this Story will bring us all Home. We never left, The Garden. We never left, Sinai. Exodus IS. Reply

dave israel September 5, 2014

how many people bought letters? how many people bought letters? Reply

Rochel Chein for June 25, 2012

Gift One may purchase a letter for a friend or relative, as one can "do a positive action for another without his knowledge." Reply

Anonymous Racine June 22, 2012

Question Would the mitzvah be completed if it were given as a gift? Reply Staff via April 22, 2012

Adult Sefer Torah Sure! You can purchase a letter in the Adult Torah Scroll at this link Reply

shmuel balisok new haven, CT April 22, 2012

letter in the torah if someone over the age of bas/bar mitzvoh wants to get a letter in the torah, do you know sefor who is writing a Sefer Torah at this time? Reply

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