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It was the only event that required the attendance of every Jew -- men, women, and children -- reminiscent of the historic moment when our nation stood at Mount Sinai, when every member of our nation was present when G‑d lovingly gave us the Torah.

Hakhel - Celebrating Jewish Unity

Hakhel - Celebrating Jewish Unity

5769 -- A Year of Unity

Hakhel - Celebrating Jewish Unity

"What, when or who is Hakhel? If it's so important, why didn't they ever tell me about it in Hebrew School?"

True, the Hakhel Year didn't get the spotlight for a couple of centuries. But who can deny that a year dedicated to gathering Jews together and strengthening Jewish unity is a good thing?

So read on and discover what this special year of the seven-year cycle has to offer. And then—get involved. Make your own "Hakhel Event" and help revive a key part of our heritage. You may just find yourself reviving a lot of Jewish souls as well.

Hakhel: Then & Today
A hush falls over the mammoth crowd, as the royally bedecked king of Israel ascends on to a platform and reads sections of the holy Torah. The nation is inspired and invigorated...
On the long-awaited day, the priests fan out throughout Jerusalem and blow golden bugles to assemble the nation. "A kohen priest without a bugle in his hands, it appears as if he's not a kohen..."
When we forget G‑d, we view the world as a finite resource, a pie with a defined number of slices; every bit that you get comes out of my wallet.
Certainly, we can be well-informed about politics without ever joining in a rally. Yet when actually going out and joining physically with other people, something takes place that is unique...
5727 [1966-67]
Analyzing the details of when, how, who and where the mitzvah was performed provides us with inspiring reflections that enable us to fulfill the mitzvah of Hakhel today.
Audio | 43:27
The Year of Hakhel
Every seven years – following the shemitah year – is a hakhel year; marked in Temple times by the king reading the Torah before all on Sukkot. Discover its significance and relevance today.
3rd Day of Chol Hamoed, 5741 · September 29, 1980
An address to children on Sukkos in the year of Hakhel: "Jewish children are specifically included in this Mitzvah in the Torah, and you must serve as an example to others..."
They packed their bags, took some stuff and got on horse and wagons, going to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem…
Judaism is about unity: the unity of the one G-d, the universe and the unity of all people created in the image of G-d. And yet, Judaism established a commonwealth, giving the ordinary man an irrevocable right to his own property.