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It was the only event that required the attendance of every Jew -- men, women, and children -- reminiscent of the historic moment when our nation stood at Mount Sinai, when every member of our nation was present when G‑d lovingly gave us the Torah.

Hakhel - Celebrating Jewish Unity

Hakhel - Celebrating Jewish Unity

5776 -- A Year of Unity


"What, when or who is Hakhel? If it's so important, why didn't they ever tell me about it in Hebrew School?"

True, the Hakhel Year didn't get the spotlight for a couple of centuries. But who can deny that a year dedicated to gathering Jews together and strengthening Jewish unity is a good thing?

So read on and discover what this special year of the seven-year cycle has to offer. And then—get involved. Make your own "Hakhel Event" and help revive a key part of our heritage. You may just find yourself reviving a lot of Jewish souls as well.

Hakhel: Then & Today
Audio | 43:27
The Year of Hakhel