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Anenu - A Prayer When in Distress

Anenu - A Prayer When in Distress


Five times a year we read this prayer, on each of the five traditional days of fast:

Answer us, O L-rd, answer us on our fast day, for we are in great distress. Do not turn to our wickedness, do not conceal Your countenance from us, and do not disregard our supplications. Be near to our cry; let Your loving-kindness console us; answer us even before we call You . . . For You, L-rd, are He who answers in times of distress, who redeems and rescues in all times of distress and tribulation.

We can be fasting from food, we can be fasting from mood altering substances, we can be fasting from unhealthy behavior. When in distress we call out to G‑d. He tends to listen.

To learn more about Fast Days in the Jewish calendar click here.

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