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Daily Siyum - Live Broadcast

Daily Siyum - Live Broadcast

Nine Days Daily Live Siyum


Why do we make a Siyum? Click Here to learn the significance.

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Each program runs for approximately 15 minutes. This program will be simultaneously broadcasted locally in the New York area Monday-Friday on Radio WSNR 620AM, Saturday nights on Radio WMCA 570 AM and Sunday mornings on Arutz Sheva Radio.

Check back soon as we'll update the schedule for this year.

5774-2014 Siyum Schedule
1 Av – Monday, July 28 Tractate Avodah Zarah 8:00 PM ET
2 Av – Tuesday, July 29 Tractate Tamid 8:00 PM ET
3 Av – Wednesday, July 30 Tractate Berachot 8:00 PM ET
4 Av – Thursday, July 31 Tractate Beitzah 8:00 PM ET
5 Av – Friday, August 1 Tractate Erchin 1:45 PM ET
6 Av – Saturday Night, August 2 Tractate Megilla 11:00 PM ET
7 Av – Sunday, August 3 Tractate Horayot 10:10 AM ET
8 Av – Monday, August 4 Tractate Moed Katan 7:00 PM ET
9 Av – Tuesday, August 5 Tractate Moed Katan 7:00 PM ET
10 Av – Wednesday, August 6 Tractate Taanis 7:00 PM ET
11 Av – Thursday, August 7 Tractate Sotah 8:00 PM ET
12 Av – Friday, August 8 Tractate Moed Katan 1:45 PM ET
13 Av – Saturday Night, August 9 Tractate Horayot 11:00 PM ET
14 Av – Sunday, August 10 Tractate Tamid 10:00 AM ET
15 Av – Monday, August 11 Tractate Yoma 7:00 PM ET
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Discussion (24)
August 9, 2014
Tish be AV
Thank you Rabbi Seligson. Tish be Av Temple. How can the Temple ever ever be in again in Jerusalem Jerusalem? After all the destructions?
James Brush
Miami Beach
July 29, 2014
Thank you!
Thank you Rabbi Seligson and NCFJE for the siyum!!
Rachel Herman
July 28, 2014
can not view
July 20, 2013
Siyum on 14th of Av
July 17, 2013
Tish b av
I really appreciate this teaching. My grandfather tried to tell me this in yiddish when I was 5. I really the English explaination.
James Brush
Key Largo
July 9, 2013
RE: Why not?
The rationale behind eating meat is that there are certain joyous occasions that override the sadness of the 9 Days. One of them is the celebration of finishing a section of Torah. However, that only helps for those who participate in the actual celebration and the meal that ensues. Since virtual viewers are not present at the celebration, they cannot eat meat.
Menachem Posner
July 8, 2013
To Anonymous Philadelphia
Feel free to ask away! The word is Shulchan Aruch, the literal meaning is 'set table' and is a reference to the standard code of Jewish law, compiled by Rabbi Yosef Karo. You can find more information here
Chana Benjaminson
July 8, 2013
What's Shulcnarukah?
he didn't translate some of the hebrew he was using..
July 8, 2013
Another optional server?
I have an Android atrix, and my device doesn't have this video format available on it. Can there possibly be another option how it can be viewed for the conveniences of others? Thanks for understanding.
Ephraim R.
July 8, 2013
on phone?
can i listen on the phone?
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