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It is customary to participate in a "siyum" celebrating the completion of a section in Torah during the days that we mourn the Temple's destruction

Daily Siyum - Live Broadcast

Daily Siyum - Live Broadcast

Nine Days Daily Live Siyum

Topics: Three Weeks, Siyum

Why do we make a Siyum? Click Here to learn the significance.

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Each program runs for approximately 15 minutes. This program will be simultaneously broadcasted locally in the New York area Sunday-Friday on Radio WSNR 620AM and Saturday night on Radio WMCA 570AM.

5776-2016 Siyum Schedule
1 Av – Friday, August 5 Tractate Tamid 1:45 PM ET
2 Av – Saturday Night, August 6 Tractate Sota 11:59 PM ET
3 Av – Sunday, August 7 Tractate Sanhedrin 7:00 PM ET
4 Av – Monday, August 8 Tractate Nidah 7:00 PM ET
5 Av – Tuesday, August 9 Tractate Sukkah 7:00 PM ET
6 Av – Wednesday, August 10 Tractate Eiruvin 7:00 PM ET
7 Av – Thursday, August 11 Tractate Kiddushin 7:45 PM ET
8 Av – Friday, August 12 Tractate Chagigah 1:45 PM ET
11 Av – Monday, August 15 Tractate Kesubos 7:00 PM ET
12 Av – Tuesday, August 16 Tractate Tamid 7:00 PM ET
13 Av – Wednesday, August 17 Tractate Chagigah 7:00 PM ET
14 Av – Thursday, August 18 Tractate Kereisos 4:00 PM ET
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Discussion (33)
August 12, 2016
Shabbat Shalom!
Thank you!🙂
New York
August 12, 2016
We (change) do not eat meat even after hearing the siyum. But we try listen to a siyum daily anyway
August 9, 2016
So it's not allowed to eat meat after siyum
So it's not allowed to eat meat after siyum
August 8, 2016
Yesterday I watched the first Siyum in the morning... Enjoyed immensely!!
Please could you repeat last nights again!!! The time difference makes it difficult to watch... Thanks and Tizku Lmitzvos
August 7, 2016
Thank you. The sound needs to be worked on.
Elena Quackenbush
August 7, 2016
Long live Chabad
My burger is getting cold..... Nooooooo
August 5, 2016
Not loud enough
July 21, 2015
Thanks for the rebbe word on beitzah, which sicha?
yonason Kahanovitch
July 21, 2015
Doesn't allow one to eat meat
Not only do you need to be there in order to partake of the festive meat meal, you have to be someone that would normally be invited and not merely attending for the purpose of "allowing" oneself to eat meat. This should be made very clear on this site.
August 9, 2014
Tish be AV
Thank you Rabbi Seligson. Tish be Av Temple. How can the Temple ever ever be in again in Jerusalem Jerusalem? After all the destructions?
James Brush
Miami Beach
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