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The Shema in the Original Hebrew

The Shema in the Original Hebrew


Cover you eyes with your right hand and say:

Recite the following verse in an undertone:

From Siddur Tehillat Hashem. © Copyright Kehot Publication Society, Brooklyn NY
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved.
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Discussion (13)
August 19, 2013
Interlinear Translation
Sure, check out this link and this one Staff
August 19, 2013
Is it possible to get the Shema with the transilteration under every line?
March 19, 2012
Thank you. I'm not very fluent in Hebrew can you suggest me where I can hear the Shema in order to pronounce it correctly; I would like to avoid errors when reading it.
Yossi Mondelli
Rome, Italy
February 11, 2012
the Shema
hi, is this the way it is actually written in the Torah? With vowels double dots and mini-vertical lines separating sentences?
January 9, 2012
if we are talking about the oldest prayer, then it had to be written in paleolithic hebrew- what did that look like in that early hebrew text which should be even holier.
rockville, md, US
December 24, 2011
I just Read The Shama in Hebrew Thank You
I like to practice reading Hebrew Siddur,this is great.
Jack Rosen
September 14, 2011
What is is a shwa or shwa na?
August 10, 2011
The Shema in the Original Hebrew
Thank you. I would like to suggest you to add, if possible, a transliterated or a voice version in order to allow people like me not so fluent in Hebrew, to pronounce correctly the Shema.
Once more, THANK YOU.
Giuseppe Mondelli
Rome, Italy
February 20, 2011
Thank you
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and then Thank you once again.
Tanya Wohner
Richmond, VA
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