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The Story and History of Tisha B'Av

The Story and History of Tisha B'Av

Part 1 of 3


The Story and History of Tisha B'Av - Part 1: Part 1 of 3

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Anonymous August 9, 2011

great shiur!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Melbourne August 7, 2011

Question If Nero had free choice, and even though the destruction had to happen he was able to choose whether it happened through him or not, shouldn't the Sanhedrin have had the same choice? (It seems their free choice was taken away to cause them to make the unwise decision which caused the destruction) Reply

Anonymous Kailua-Kona, Hawaii July 20, 2010

Amazing Class Really enjoyed this Shiur Reply

Abraham Friedman via December 31, 2006

Great Class Reply

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