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Money: an Anthology

Money: an Anthology


Need one say more? We think about it all the time, so here's more to think about — twenty articles and stories on the joys, sorrows, importance, insignificance, nature, function and essence of money:

Insights and Essays:

The One Dollar Life

Good as Gold

The Big Deal About Rich People

The Dollar

Tom's House and Harry's Car

My Plastic Pharaoh

Manna in a Basket

Our Daily Bread


A Taste of Future

The Myth of Charity


The First Rothchild

The Traveler

A Business Proposal

The Fire

The Mansion

The Holy Beggars of Sefad

Hard to Swallow

Shlomo's Scales

The Mirror

The Man on the Junk Heap

See also: Charity: an Anthology

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Frank O'Neill Dublin July 18, 2014

Money.. As I see it...Money is not the root of all its " The Love of Money" that snares us to follow a false G-d .. 1st commandment broken can give our souls a domino effect, for the other 9, Shema Y'israel Is our shield. Why is mankind so fascinated with money? Because "We Can count it!, Can't count feelings,emotions, love, family values, our Faith values, etc. Reply

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