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Torah Study

Torah Study

Lighten Up Your Mind


Jews are known as bright people. In fact, we've been a people of books and wisdom for 4,000 years. Which makes for a lot of books and wisdom. What kind of wisdom? Well, there's the basic what-to-do-and-what-not-to-do stuff. Then there's the stories and legends. And there's the real deep what-is-life-all-about wisdom, including the secrets of the Kabbalah and Chassidic masters. It's all there waiting for you. In fact, it's your personal heritage. It's called Torah.

Torah shares the same etymology as the Hebrew word orah, "light"—its teachings shine a light on life and show you which way to go. And its study is a mitzvah—actually, the greatest mitzvah we have.


"You shall teach [it] to your children and speak its words when you sit in your house, when you walk on the way, when you lie down and when you rise"Deuteronomy.

Its study is a mitzvah—actually, the greatest mitzvah we have.A Jew is always studying Torah—24/7/365. We take breaks to eat, sleep, pray, make a living and reenergize. The remainder of the time we connect to G‑d through studying His wisdom.

The minimum requirement is that you fix some time for study once a day and once a night. Can't devote as much time as you'd like? Support a yeshivah and be a partner in their study.


The rich and the poor, healthy and sick, old and young, smart or dim. Torah is every Jew's personal heritage.


"It is not your job to finish the task, but neither are you free to absolve yourself from it..."—Ethics.

Start with the rules that impact daily life, Shabbat, holidays, etc. And then keep on learning; there's more than enough material to last several lifetimes.

Articulate the words you study. Allow the holiness to impact and refine your body.


  • Join a class at your local Chabad House.
  • Get online to a Torah learning website, like
  • Study one-on-one with a scholar. Click here for details.
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Samantha November 14, 2017

I reccommend printing out the weekly parsha in both Hebrew and English with Rashi's commentary, Parshah in a Nutshell, and Chana Weisberg's Torah lessons which can be found right here on Her lessons always come with source sheets that are truly uplifting and interesting. Reply

Tim Winters Syracuse May 6, 2017

Thank you for making Torah studies so easily accessible to all humans who seek its wisdom. I am very hopefull that by shining such a bright light throughout the world, we will see amazing things happen in the near future. Shalom shalom! Reply

Samantha November 14, 2017
in response to Tim Winters:

Exactly. Torah used to be unreachable for me. I thought I was unworthy of the mitzvah of Torah study at one point, but having practically the entire Jewish religion at one's fingertips certainly helps. Chabad is a blessing for all and should be awarded the praise it deserves. Reply

Frank morris tennessee May 27, 2015

places to go This journey for me to return to Hashem, I have many dips,cracks, big holes , but I must keep focus on Torah and connection to Hashem, my set backs and plenty of them but I must stay moving on. Reply

Anonymous toronto February 10, 2015

Torah study The source of my study was my father. I observed him , his life and his work. There cannot be a person who was honest and humble in all his dealings like him. And sometimes like honest men he lost money but still he never fought or argued with those who tricked him. There were others in the family who were doctors, and teachers but they were not role models for me . Honest men who work hard and live like kings are a role model . I value them and their wages. Reply

Anonymous toronto January 4, 2015

break Saturation of learning requires a break, so also with Torah learning. Labor in Torah studies always yields results. If one man can change the attitude of society , that is a reward in itself. Reply

Anonymous toronto October 26, 2014

Study Torah The study and observance of Torah is like a running a relay. It goes from one generation to the next to be observed. Your grandparents observed it and then your parents and then it is given to you. It is an unbroken chain to be handed over to the next generation. Reply

Anonymous Seattle, WA August 15, 2011 Thank you for all you do to expand our Jewish learning. To learn from so many Rabbi's that are so enlightened is a Mitzvah in itself. Reply

Cris Robins St. Louis, MO October 8, 2010

Thank you I've been looking for your Ethics quote for some time now; thank you for providing it. Reply

Josh Kohn Petaluma, CA July 17, 2010

No Collision I am trying to understand your writing but I am distracted by your substitution of "impact" for "affect." Reply

Elya Farberov Rehovot, Israel December 1, 2009

I would like to express highest gratitude for the work you do, and for the way you have put it in.

Thank you and God Bless Reply

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