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Love Your Fellow

Love Your Fellow

We Are One


“Love your fellow as yourself” Leviticus.
“This is a major principle of the TorahRabbi Akiva.
“A soul enters this world for seventy or eighty years just to do a favor for another” —the Baal Shem Tov.

Perhaps nothing has been as detrimental to the Jewish people as the modern idea that Judaism is just a religion. We are much more than a religion; we are a single soul radiating into many bodies, bonding them as one.

A healthy body is one where every part works in harmony. A healthy Jewish people is one big, caring family where each individual loves the other like his or her own self. Where one Jew faces rough times and the others hold his hands. Where one meets good fortune and all of us celebrate. Where no one is labeled or alienated for his or her beliefs, behaviors or background. Where each runs to do an act of kindness for the other, and shuts his eyes and ears to the other’s shame.

Follow Hillel’s golden rule: “If you wouldn’t like it done to you, don’t do it to the other guy.”Love for those closest to home nurtures love for the extended family of humanity, and from there, love for all G‑d’s creatures. But if love doesn’t start at home, from where will it come?

Practically speaking . . .

  1. Start each morning by saying, “I accept upon myself the mitzvah to love my fellow Jew like myself.”
  2. Follow Hillel’s golden rule: “If you wouldn’t like it done to you, don't do it to the other guy.”
  3. Speak only good about fellow Jews. Don’t even listen to a bad word, unless some real benefit will come through your conversation.
  4. Care for your fellow Jew’s property and possessions as you care for your own.
  5. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to do another Jew a favor.
  6. Bring Jewish people together. Tear down the false barriers of age, affiliation and ethnicity.
  7. Invite other Jews to share in the most precious thing we have, our Torah and mitzvahs.
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Anonymous England October 12, 2016

Thank you. Very good to read. I will endeavour to practise these tachings with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, reminding them this beautiful instruction originated from Judaism, and remind them of our Jewish roots. G-d bless you. Reply

Aviva Jerusalem September 11, 2016

to Robert Wunder May,2016 Hillel made that statement, not Hitler, may his cursed name be blotted out. Reply

Talia September 8, 2016

Wow. Great reading. False barriers of age really stick. Not sure where I heard years ago. But I heard that difference in age is the worst reason to not be friends with someone. Not sure why age isn't just a word. A description that tells little of who you really are. Reply

Jerome NJ May 26, 2016

Kentucky is correct Love your questions Reply

Bill Kentucky May 24, 2016

How does one go beyond loving one's fellow Jew to be equally loving of all or does this aspect limit the realization of a more energized body? I can understand how and why of this orientation, though when love never flows over the banks of belief systems, does this create problems in G_d's eyes? Reply

Zahava South Fl May 18, 2016

How I See It It still makes me wonder that people need to be reminded to treat each other well. Didn't teachers and parents teach this to anyone when they when kids??? I wouldn't intentionally be nasty or rude for no reason. There were times when there was good reason. Most times I just walk away. Like my parents taught me, don't waste time on fllks that don't care. No when to avoid. Reply

Neomi May 18, 2016

Beautiful article thank you :) I will share it with my class and others I know
Love it's simplicity and directives :)) Reply

Robert Wunder Apple Valley CA. May 12, 2016

why would Hitler make a statement like that. and kill all them Jews, I'm a bit
confused,can you explain it to me?
Shalom Reply

Anonymous May 12, 2016

Well said! Thanks for posting! Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles May 12, 2016

Should we love Jews that hate Israel? There are so many self and Israel hating Jews in the diaspora. Very difficult to understand. Reply

Shayna Pumin Shayna's Place July 6, 2015

Thanks for Reading and May You Be Blessed Tear down the barriers of age and ethnicity along with barriers that prevent you from being with those of a different social, financial or educational background. There are good reasons some have less that you. We all need love and require joy to survive and thrive. But mostly we all need to share in our love for Hashem. He loves us when we are old and young. He loves us when we are Sephardic and other backgrounds. He loves plumbers just the same as doctors. He even loves you if you make well under $100,000. Yes, that is true. Reply

Anonymous Vienna May 5, 2015

thank you for the article and all the comments. i agree with many of the comments... it was confusing to me the article's emphasis to love another jew (what about loving others?) on my first read I missed the: "Love for those closest to home nurtures love for the extended family of humanity, and from there, love for all G‑d’s creatures. But if love doesn’t start at home, from where will it come?"
When I don't like (or hate) the actions of others, it is super challenging, to love another (whether it be Jew or all people). I am praying for G-d to love through me, and I try to act in accordance.
I notice the great amount of concern us readers have to the idea of loving Jews, and arguing that it extends to all humanity (myself too). Us simply having this concern and discussion is beautiful. I love you/us for it. Reply

Mordechai Fl May 23, 2014

Send Love Remember, everything in this world is consciousness. Unfortunately, there are extremists in this world, on all sides. However, we need to collectively send love and blessings to all. We are all from the same soul. We all have aspects of the Creator in us. Let's focus on that and awaken the loving soul in all mankind.
Otherwise, thoughts of hate and anger bring negativity upon us.
Much Light and Blessings Reply

Mordechai Fl May 20, 2014

Understand Why We Should Love Our Fellow Man We must understand why we need to love our fellow man. It's not because we want to be a good person or because it's a "commandment " or because morally, it's right. None of those. There is one reason why we need to love our fellow man. That is, it is the only way we can connect to the Creator, period. If a person just follows a "commandment" without the right consciousness, it becomes idol worshipping. All so called commandments are for the purpose of connecting to the Creator, Devekut. We need to realize that. Once we understand that concept we develop a strong desire to send love to our fellow man and woman, Jew, Moslem, Christian, Hindu, etc.
Blessings Reply

Howard Detroit May 19, 2014

what G-d requiresof us Your last post seems to be filled with hatred . Do you love anybody?

Jews act with more love for ALL of humanity than any other people in the world.
They are always out there helping the next guy. I was wondering where you live that you haven't noticed this?

It seems to bother you that we Jews have a special relationship of "immediate" family. "Mishpacha".

G-d commands us in His Torah, " Love your "re'acha" as YOURSELF." In Hebrew, "V'ahavta l're'acha k'mocha".

Yes, we should love all mankind. But "yourself" is for l're'acha. Reply

Aviva Jerusalem May 19, 2014

love of All G-d's creatures Who said that Jews are only commanded to love other Jews? From where did you get this idea?

The above article states "Love of those closest to home nurtures love for the extended family of humanity and from there, love of ALL G-d's creatures." Reply

Allan Koven Anaheim May 14, 2014

good and evil If God created all things good and evil, there must be a reason for it and love alone will not change anything. God has determined what will be for all that inhabits this
earth. Many unfortunate events occur that we cannot understand, so we rationalize the scriptures and with our limited knowledge, we make up rules as to how we live.
This too is what God has determined. We see time and space as linear but it is an illusion as time and space are only creations of the Creator. Religion is formed by God to help us make some sense out of that which is unfathomable.
Great thinkers such as Luria though what is determined to be human thought
developed the Kabblah and integrated with what we call the Torah. In the history
of mankind and challenge to understand existence, has it really made a difference? Reply

Yaakov USA May 14, 2014

I find this morality repugnant. I sugest that you read the writings of the observant philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. To "love" is not based on an emotion. Love is not synonomous with "like". We are commanded to love our fellow human beings. That is what God requires of us, not to live in a ghetto where only Jews have elevated souls and are therefore the only being that we are commanded to "love". Reply

Mordechai Fl May 14, 2014

Strive to Love Everyone As Oneself Yes, one must strive to love everyone like yourself, because G-d is in each of us. Our soul comes from G-d. Since there is one G-d we are all one. Jew and non Jew. When mankind can see past religious differences and learn to love each other unconditionally, as one self, we can bring about redemption. Reply

Allan Koven Anaheim May 11, 2014

Good vs evil We all have the Yetzer Tov and the Yetzer Ra. This is God's will. It has always been this way and will continue until God (not man) decides otherwise. Free will is an illusion. All is preordained and God being beyond space and time knows the beginning and the end. He is the creator of all from the smallest particle to the
largest universe. Reply

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