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Audio: Blessing After the Torah Reading

Audio: Blessing After the Torah Reading


Audio: Blessing After the Torah Reading

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Anonymous Baden, ON, Canada October 12, 2016

Singing the blessings Thank you, thank you, for your slow and beautifully articulated instruction. I read the Jonah portion (in English) at our Temple every year, but I need a refresher to be able to sing the blessings in Hebrew. Reply

suzy handler woodland Hills, ca October 16, 2012

Thank you! I study every day and night because my grandson's Bar Mitzvah is a week from Friday. I wish I had been taught Hebrew but girls were permitted in the fifties. I went to cooking classes. I still don't like to cook! You are wonderful teacher and I thank you! Reply

Anonymous Houston, TX August 27, 2011

Blessing Before and After Torah audio Is is possible to download both so that I can hear and practice them without a computer? This is such a wonderful service you have performed to assist us. Reply

Mike Berman New York, NY January 14, 2011

Audio: Blessing After the Torah Reading Your audio recordings of the blessings before and after the Torah reading, as well as your interactive Kaddish trainer have been extremely helpful to me. My only criticism is that your site is difficult to navigate and I had to locate these audios through a Google search. Reply

Anonymous calgary, Ab, Canada September 9, 2010

awesome to hear Yes, as a jew whom stays at home during the service, It was great to hear! Reply

Anonymous Taos, NM September 6, 2008

Blessing Before and After Torah audio Excellent!! I am preparing for Aliyah and this audio was most helpful. Thank you Reply

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