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Audio: Blessing Before the Torah Reading

Audio: Blessing Before the Torah Reading


Audio: Blessing Before the Torah Reading

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Mikha'el May 23, 2017

The first time I had my Aliyah I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint. Working with this trainer really made a wonderful difference. So I sound like an advertisement better that than faint. Reply

Mark Lazar June 21, 2015

Thank You, Rabbi !


suzy Handler Woodland Hills, Ca 91303 September 30, 2012

blessing My second grandson is getting Bar Mitzvah in October. Thank you so much for your singing. I belong to a Reformed synagogue in Houston, Texas and kept my membership when I relocated two years ago to LA. When I attended religious school a million years go,they didn't teach Hebrew to the girls. I went to cooking or singing classes. I'm not a proficient at either. Now I go to a Conservative synagogue but find it very hard to follow but I love the music. Learning Hebrew as a grandmother isn't easy and I appreciate your singing voice so very much. Reply

Evan Pincourt, Quebec, Canada November 18, 2011

Helped me alot This really helped with the singing part of the blessings that I need to practice and study for my upcoming Bar Mitzvah! Reply

Marnie Albequerque, NM May 15, 2011

Before Blessing Heree's the before blessing. The previous was the after blessing. Each is less than 1 minute. Reply

Elie's Bubbie in Abaerdeen, NJ Aberdeen, New Jersey February 25, 2011

Elie's Bar Mitzvah Dear Rabbi Alevsky...thank you for helping me learn the blessings before reading the Torah at Eli's Bar Mitzvah in New Haven. . Elie's parents, Caryn and Cory have honored me with an Aliyah at Elie's Bar Mitzvah in March, and now, thanks to you I will be able to participate. Your enunciation is so carefully clear and easy to learn that I am certain that I will recite the blessings on that wonderful day without a problem. My thanks to you, along with best wishes to your lovely family. Reply

A Yid aberdeen, nj October 13, 2010

Aliyah this is very good --- thank you for the SLOW exacting pronunciation. It has been a while, and I need your version. Thank you so much. Reply

alex via March 9, 2010

thanks i used this for my barmitsva and it really helped Reply

Rachel-Leah NJ via June 14, 2009

Used in Class my Hebrew teacher used this for class so we could hear how it is supposed to sound with the melody. thank you! Reply

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