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Ethics: Chapter 1, Mishnah 1

Ethics: Chapter 1, Mishnah 1

Part 2 Ethics of Our Fathers: Avot 1:1


Chapter 1, Mishnah 1 - Lesson 2: Part 2 Ethics of Our Fathers: Avot 1:1

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Channa May 10, 2016

Maharal thank you for the lesson, very nice.
But Maharal was much older when this "trial" took place.

Only time he lived in Prague you can see he was already something more then 50,
He was Rav in Moravia Mikulov for 20 years before Prague, then back and fort to Posen (Poland) and Prague.
He first leaded Yeshiva in Prague, then Rav of Posen, Krakov then back to Prague.. and only much later became Rav of Prague - when he was already older. Reply

Anonymous Florida May 7, 2016

Thank you.
I am enjoying your talks😊 Reply

Ethics of the Fathers is a tractate of the Mishna that details the Torah's views on ethics and interpersonal relationships. Enjoy insights, audio classes and stories on these fascinating topics.