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Is a medium-rare steak kosher?

Is a medium-rare steak kosher?



Would it be kosher to eat a steak that is cooked medium-rare? I ask because it seems that there is still blood that comes out of the meat when cooked like this. Should steak be "well done"?


The laws of kashrut require the extraction and drainage of all blood from beef or fowl within 72 hours of slaughtering. This is accomplished through a unique soaking and salting process—or, in some instances, through broiling.

The reddish liquid that remains inside the meat after this procedure is not halachically considered blood; it is the meat's "juice," and is 100% kosher.

Today, kosher meat is sold with the blood already removed. Therefore, if dining in a kosher restaurant, or if you bought your meat at a reliable kosher butcher, you can confidently eat your medium-rare steak.

Bon appetit!

Best wishes,

Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson

Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson is a writer who lives with his family in Brooklyn, N.Y.
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Discussion (3)
September 13, 2011
Sep 12 carnivore, veg ...
I don't understand your anger ... and then you say 'Peace'! LOL
Meira Shana
Vista, CA
September 12, 2011
Carnivore, Veg or Vegan, only G-D's words matter
Oi, Mieira, please give the bottomless pit that is the Veg/carnivore debate a rest already! Veg, Vegan or Carnivore G-D has NO preference to the man or woman that eats the meat or the man or woman that abstains from it. That is all that matters.
Shabat Shalom!
Los Angeles
August 7, 2011
Medium-rare or well-done
... if the animal is not kosher it doesn't matter how the meat is cooked.

Or did I miss that along the way?

Too bad human beings and animals didn't continue to be vegetarian once out of the Garden of Eden.
Meira Shana
Vista, CA