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How do I kosher an oven?

How do I kosher an oven?


If your oven is of the self-cleaning variety, koshering it is fairly simple. All you need to do is self-clean it. If you need to kosher the oven racks too, just leave them in the oven while it self-cleans.1

A non-self-cleaning oven is much harder to kosher, requiring a lengthy and thorough procedure that involves a blow torch. If your oven is of this variety, I would recommend that you contact a rabbi who is familiar with both the laws and the procedure, and can arrange someone to kosher it for you.

Visit our Kosher Kitchen section for more on koshering various kitchen utensils and appliances.

Rabbi Eliezer Posner


Even after koshering the oven, avoid putting food items directly on the glass window of the oven door, as glass is a substance that we do not kosher.

Eliezer Posner is a former member of the Ask the Rabbi team.
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Miriam Szokovski December 15, 2015

Hi Gabriella,

We have lots of kosher recipes here

Is there something specific you're looking for? Reply

Gabriella Motta-Ramirez Los Angeles December 10, 2015

Kosher can go into a lengthy detail of how to keep it divided between meat and diary but finding kosher recipe's is much more difficult. For example, our brother in law knows how to make a specific taste appear on his dishes. How can I get to that delicious level of cooking in that specific manner. Reply

Anonymous January 31, 2008

I completely agree with you. I just couldn't resist the temptation to point out that nothing happens before its time, because if it happened, then it must have been its time. This is similar to the often noted--and completely useless--observation that one is never "there." Wherever one is, it is "here" from his perspective. Reply

Kris January 31, 2008

Maybe it was our time, and maybe it wasn't. God gave us a brain to analize facts in order to make the best decisions possible. He does know what our choices will be before we even make them. --- If we made a poor choice to clean the oven with the blow torch without turning off the gas and the oven blows up causing us to be killed, then it is our fault we left this world early. We made a bad choice, not God. --- I was just trying to state an obvious safety fact earlier and add a little joke at the end to make us smile,yet stop and think. Reply

Anonymous January 30, 2008

If you meet your maker, then apparently it was your time. Sometimes one's time is earlier than one (or one's insurance company) would think. Reply

Kris Fair Oaks, CA January 29, 2008

Remember blow torches and gas ovens do not go together! Turn off the gas before proceeding, otherwise you may be meeting your creator way before your time. Reply