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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kosher food laws?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kosher food laws?


The advantage is living a holistic, truthful life, where G‑d isn't relegated to the synagogue and barred from the dining room and kitchen. By observing the kosher laws, we are mindful of G‑d and connect to Him even as we do something as mundane as eating.

I have yet to discover a disadvantage to eating kosher. Challenges perhaps, but not disadvantages. The challenges are obvious. You can't buy food everywhere, trips on the highway for extended periods of time require pre-packed food, etc. But these are things you get used to, and with time they cease to matter.

Check out our comprehensive Kosher Section for more info.

Rabbi Moshe Goldman for

Rabbi Moshe Goldman is the Director of Chabad of the Waterloo Region in Waterloo, Ontario. He is also a member of the Ask the Rabbi team.
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Jack Midland Park August 12, 2013

Kosher food Response to Bob Golus, his Aug 9 message.
I am sorry for your problems.
Our family focuses on keeping the family together especially where the children are concerned.
Yesterday, there was a wedding in our family. The couple getting married handled the kosher challenge by arranging for dinner to be vegetarian and dairy with interesting food combinations.
The caterer obtained food from 40 different sources located in NJ.NY,PA & VT.
Food was sourced from family farms exercising human and environmentally friendly practices.
A good time was had by all. Reply

Bob Golus August 9, 2013

Bring your own dishes! Really? I envy you, Jack from Midland Park. It sounds so simple. Bringing our own food, dishes, tableware and paper place mats is idealistic and impractical, at best, and absurd, at worst. Demanding jobs, long-distance travel, with children, to an infirm father with a live-in health care assistant all contribute to making the situation barely possible and certainly unsustainable. Kashrut, Shabbat, and yom tov would have the unintended consequence of keeping our family apart, not bringing us together. Something's gotta give ... Reply

Jack Midland Park July 11, 2013

Keeping Kosher Response to Bob Golus, his July 10 message. In our extended family, some keep kosher and some do not. When the kosher part of the family eat at a non-kosher family, they bring their own food , dishes, tableware and paper place matts. This does not bother anyone. The main interest is keeping the family together. Reply

Bob Golus July 10, 2013

disadvantages There are many disadvantages, the main one being the wedge that it drives between you and those who do not keep kosher. This includes family members. Eating is partly a social activity, and make no mistake: keeping kosher is intentioned to keep you separated from those who do not keep kosher, and, again, this includes family members. Separated, alienated, and oftentimes ostracized. Reply

jack Midland Park July 10, 2013

Kosher food treats During Pesach, many additional kosher food treats are being sold in the stores. These contain much sugar which is unhealthy. If you are tempted to buy these items, try to limit the quantity. You will be helping those who consume these items.
In addition, some companies offer ersatz foods which mimic chometz foods. Consuming these items defeats the purpose of Pesach.

Menachem Posner for Montreal, PQ March 4, 2011

RE: Koshering my kitchen Any Jewish person who knows what he/she is doing may kosher a kitchen. If you are a novice, you may want to ask a rabbi or someone else with experience in this field to help you. Reply

Anonymous lanc, pa March 3, 2011

Koshering my kitchen Must the person helping to Kosher the kitchen be a Rabbi or have a special certification? Reply

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