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Worry Appointments

Worry Appointments


Anxieties, worries, feelings of inadequacy and failure—all these smother and cripple the soul from doing its job.

You need to find the appropriate time to deal with them. But don’t carry them around the whole day.

During the day, you are Adam and Eve before they tasted the fruit of good and evil.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Brenda Toronto, Canada May 6, 2014

Remove the Clothing from the Words 'Day' symbolizes the time when we are in soul mode - we feel and are connected to the quality of the G_d - then we feel peace, harmony mutual love of others.

'Night' - time of self love -we need to struggle to come out of this darkness.

None of the Rebbe Schneerson's words pertain to this physical world - they are all spiritual. Reply

Wendell Gillespie Catching a 27" Red Band Trout at Fish Lake in my mind!!! May 6, 2014

Life Good morning, Rabbi. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this. We actually agree!!!

Okay, as some of you know, I have issues with PTSD from being one of Ron Reagans bullet stoppers in Beirut in 1983. My VA shrink has been working with me for quite some time now and here is what I have learned.

1. Talk about your worries and anxieties to your spouse, dog, cat, who ever will listen. Tell the same story, the same way, over and over Talk about them until you are sick of hearing yourself talking about them. This is called. "Habituation." It is really tough at first, but then it gets easier.

2. Two hours before bed becomes your quiet time. Think of your favorite vacation spot, or fishing hole. Go there in your mind. If you lose concentration, start over. Again, this is tough to do at first, but it eventually gets easier. My favorite spot is up at Fish Lake on the Steens Mountains here in Oregon. Absolutely the most peaceful place on earth. You will sleep well. Reply

DANIEL Montevideo-R.O.U. May 6, 2014

Out from under the blanket Viktor Frankl used to talk about this, quite in the same tone.
May be this was of the points that had interested the attention of the Rebbe (ZLB)
in the very special work and study of V.Frankl in Wien ??? Who Knows ??? Reply

Andrea Penn Valley, PA October 31, 2011

worries I think this is a valuable suggestion; however, when should this time be? Morning before I start my day or before bed so I can hopefully get solutions in my sleep? Did the Rebbe give any advice on this? Reply

Rahel London January 12, 2018
in response to Andrea :

By the time the worry appointment comes around, the actual worry feeling has passed, making room for clear headed problem appraisal and solution seeking. That can be done any time of the he day !!! Reply

Nancy Duong Forest Hills, NY/USA October 31, 2011

Out from under the blanket Dear Rabbi, I truly appreciate your daily dose. I do not understand why but this point for example on one hand from my Christian teaching that worrying is a sin, but more so think that would be lack of faith not trusting the Almighty. On the other hand that it can cripples me like you present, seems so common sense, yet I just do not think of before. I definitely think I am saved from the curse of Adam and Eve yet I never think I should then walk like them before the taste of the fruit. I appreciate Think Jewish here. During the day may I walk as your daily dose. Reply

Anonymous zichron yaakov, IL October 31, 2011

Anxiety and Worry is Thrust upon Us I know that Hashem feels that I can handle the stresses that I am challenged with, but that doesn’t make it any easier to do so. Isn't it just denial, anyways, to compartmentalize our emotions into available time-slots? If Hashem wants me to grapple with something, in order that my soul can properly function and do its job, this should be the 'highest' priority and not something to neatly stack for later retrieval. That is effectively denying that G-D runs the world... Reply

Anonymous River falls , Al- U S A October 31, 2011

Out from under the Blanket I like this one ! I know there is time I can't sleep ,But I do know that the morning will be here on me and I needed the sleep So I can do the best I can, If there something is bothering me .! Thank you for sending this message it will give me something more to think about ! Good night and G-d Bless Reply

Anonymous Flushing, NY/USA September 21, 2008

Out From Under the Blanket I have read the concepts you suggest but there is greater hope in "hearing" them from someone other than a random author whose word you accept just "because"!
Of greatest impact is your use of the words "less frequent, less noisy, and less severe". Unwelcome noisy guests indeed.
You have given me much more to work with, to apply, to trust in.
Thank you,
May you enjoy a truly meaningful New Year.
I heard a speaker yesterday who spoke of a midrash in which the angels ask G-d when the New Year will begin. His answer was, " I can only tell you when the Year begins, if you want to know when the "New" Year begins you must ask the people."
I pray that this year will be a truely "Newer" one for me.
It is a profound wish for all of us. Reply

Tzvi Freeman September 21, 2008

To Anonymous in Flushing At first, you ignore the thoughts--they keep coming, but you don't pay them any attention. You turn your mind to other things. Eventually, they become less frequent, less noisy and less severe. After a while, they move out and only come as guests. Then they give up on that as well. Reply

Anonymous Flushing, NY/USA September 19, 2008

Be Within Stay Above Thank you so much for these words of insight.
I wish that it were that easy.
There is an "automatic switch" in me that I wish I could turn off. Reply

Gil Friend Berkeley, CA September 19, 2008

Good and evil? It wasn't the fruit of good and evil. It was the fruit of the intimate KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. The entry into duality? Reply