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Conscious Creation

Conscious Creation


He creates with Consciousness.

First, He is conscious of a world, of time and space. And so, that world exists.

But that is not enough; for it exists, but it is not a thing of its own. Its only value is extrinsic—His consciousness of it from beyond.

So then He is conscious of that world from within. He judges, He makes distinctions. He says, “It should be like this and not like that. This I like, this I do not.” He plays by the rules of the game that He has made.

It is in this consciousness that a true world is born, a place that feels, “Yes, I exist.”

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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valerie akron, oh August 12, 2012

our consciousness inside His consciousness Pamela - WOW, i'll have to read this 20 times -- and slowly so i'll get it!!!! Reply

Pamela Scudder Dayton, OH August 11, 2012

our consciousness inside His consciousness Like everyone who commented, I find this really interesting too. I assume, from what others said, that it is a translation from the Rebbe? Anyway, it speaks to me of what we have been talking about in relation to God's reality and our unreality when all that we have created in our minds is imaginary. And as long as that is the case, we don't really exist, except as consciousness, and our consciousness only exists in His consciousness. But that might mean He is only aware of us to the extent that in our consciousness we join Him in His. If we choose to exist in His reality, which is the only reality that actually exists, then (paradoxically enough) we can connect with Him as though we were truly "other" than Him, and we can make contact with Him. But unless we do that, our existence is only our own, and doesn't really exist. It is isolated and unreal. And that is probably why it so often frightens people whenever they find themselves either physically alone or not amidst other people. Reply

Xilito Qro/MEXICO August 10, 2012

Works of Faith I feel hooked with these DD of wisdom. The first two paragraphs resemble thoughts from Tanya which are beyond my understanding. Then, there is a question that doesn't requires answer -it's up to us. This is followed by the yesterday's same "do something that compels me to believe you truly exist." I conclude that G-d is asking me to perform a work of faith. Faith can move mountains, do I have to move one? or do i have to make brimstone rain over someone's head? Some people do works of faith, but not me. Reply

valerie akron, oh August 10, 2012

conscious creation After reading this Dose of Wisdom about 10 times (as usual!), since we are to 'Tikkun Olam', to me, this means each of us, to the best of our capabilities, do all we can to repair the world. ? Reply

Anonymous ma, mA August 10, 2012

Free will The wild trees are saying, " then shall the trees of the forrest sing out at the presence of G-D, because He comes to judge the earth" Chorincles 1 16:33

So if we play by His rules, we should pass judgement and be part of the acknowledging that He exists and I exist.

Playing by the rules small or big are not easy with those who disreagrd I often wonder why this part is going is like His world, the way He wants it does not exist yet? yet we take it as reality at the moment and work to bring about a rule obeying world by modeling and without pointing the finger at others or prosltyzing, falling to their private rule system and sing until the new world is created. Most of nature has not free will like the trees. And free will is important for us from within a rule system Reply

Anonymous w August 10, 2012

Powerful This DD is one of the most powerful that i have read.

He judges. He makes the game. He plays by His rules/Torah.

I think therefore I am/exist is our world. But does it truly exist ?. Only one way to find out as He says, " Do something that compels Me to believe that you truly exist. "

Putting the shoe on the other foot is a big surprise ! We have no choice in His game. Do the mitzvot/Torah or else doubt your very own existence. If He doesn't believe you exist, then you cannot believe /prove you truly exist. ' Pinch me ' doesn't work in His game.

There is one man in history that proved he existed. Moses. At Sinai he played the game according to the rules: vanquish my people and you can remove my name from Your Torah. It compelled G-d to believe in Moses's existence.

God speaks to each of us individually.

What have I done lately to earn proof of my existence and all around me ? It's the Ultimate Truth test in reverse.

Absolutely riveting !

Have a Great Shabbos ! Reply

A E Rubin Chicago, IL USA May 5, 2010

Conscious Creation This is a wonderful Torah thought. Don't we learn this, or very similar, in Tanya?

Your final sentence needs a bit of clarification for me. That He leaves up to us. "Do something," He asks, "that compels me to believe you truly exist."

G-d states "Do something." But who are you referring to in the last part? Is this G-d saying to us, if we do 'something', it compels Him to believe in us. Or does this mean, if we do something, it will compel "me" (a person) to believe You (meaning G-d) truly exists.

Does all this mean that G-d want us to do, and then He will believe is us, His Chosen - or is this teaching that if we do something, we will come to believe in G-d?

Can you please explain what you are trying to teach us in these final verses of your deep, yet wonderful article? Thank You! I look forward to your explanation. Reply

cecilia beltran new york May 5, 2010

i think i get it everything is a cycle and seems to be mechanized. It is when someone breaks away from the cycle of cause and effect and perform personal miracles that alters their trajectory that our consciousness becomes evident. Reply

Syed Shahid Ali Karachi, Pakistan May 5, 2010

Wonderful! Wonderful message! Thank you! Reply