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What prayer do I say before taking a major exam?

What prayer do I say before taking a major exam?


Prayer text does not always have to be prescribed by someone else. G‑d understands your language too. An appropriate prayer before a major exam would be something along the lines of, "G‑d, please help me pass this exam." Perhaps you could elaborate on that and explain to G‑d why it means so much to you, or why it's important for you to do well. It's always good to get into the habit of praying to G‑d in a manner of talking to Him. You'll begin to feel that you have a working relationship with Him, and you're not just always reading a pre-prepared script at set times.

If you'd feel more comfortable having a standard prayer to go along with that, my suggestion would be Chapter 121 in Psalms. The theme of the psalm is the general assistance G‑d provides us, and our success being dependent on Him. It's short and convenient. I've said it on a number of different occasions when I felt in need of some Divine assistance.

Wishing you lots of luck on your test,

Malkie Janowski for

Malkie Janowski is an accomplished educator who lives in Coral Springs, Florida. Mrs. Janowski is also a responder on's Ask the Rabbi team.
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Discussion (6)
May 2, 2014
Selfish prayers are not acceptable
This is wrong. You do not explain to God why exam means so much to you - that is selfish and self-centred. You can only pray and ask God's will to be done. Think how your success in the exam can glorify God, not yourself!
February 27, 2014
prayer before exam
I felt since the morning that I would need to pray for this exam, it is a special evaluation they will take for me to have an international job, I might not have too much money but it will allow me to develop other plans that are neccessary to help some of my family members. I asked mom to pray over my head because I'm always saying bad words. I don't know now I'm here and hope my prayer that goes like this "Dear G-d I hope you can help me out to pass this evaluation, and continue ahead with work" Thanks for all the people that have joined here.
Carlos Amaya Aguirre
Mexico City, Mexico
May 30, 2013
pray for me
I have taken this exam so many times, I really need to pass this time. So many unfortunate things has happened to me including devoice, my job, and an autistic child. Passing this test, will help a lot.
Thank you.
north carolina
October 8, 2010
I am going to take the LSAT tomorrow 10/9/10
I was searching for a prayer to pray before I take this major exam and I came across this website.

It is simple and yet holds the most important thing I needed to read.(compssion)

I will tell God "why" this is so important to me, and "why" I want to do well.

Thank you so much for your post. Please pray for me even after the exam, I will need prayer that my score is well above passing.

Respectfully yours,
Vincent Jemison
Baton Rouge, LA
November 19, 2007
exam prayer
I have heard that Psalms 23 is also appropriate. It has a similar theme to the one mentioned above.
Brooklyn, NY
November 17, 2007
prayer before exam
now i know what prayer to say before an exam