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In this class you will learn what the meaning of the "Holy Land" is and is it really relevant at all now?

Kabbalah on the Holy Land

Kabbalah on the Holy Land


Kabbalah on the Holy Land

In this class you will learn what the meaning of the "Holy Land" is and is it really relevant at all now?
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Anonymous USA September 29, 2013

Enough pie in the sky!! if Gd provides me a BetShemesh home - i'll move yesterday I'm in full accord with Rivka, even if for other reasons. Where do you go anywhere with net assets of under 100k? So many today are buying gold, due to the corruption of banksters. But what to do if you're stuck in the US, due to lack of health & barely assets? Remember, some people are in hopeless situations, with no support. Be realistic. Be empathic. Stop with the pomposity please. Reply

Gertizes Smith USA June 30, 2013

How to know when to go to Israel Safely It is time to go to Israel. To not to ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. If you think Israel need to be defended, then defend her. Come to her rescue. Do not let fear hold you back. We have to move on faith and not on feelings. We have to come to the truth that we can not see at the time. Pray and fast and then make your decision. May the Lord light your way. Amen. Reply

Rivka NYC, NY May 11, 2011

To DR. Schertzman, MD, BetarIlit, Israel You know Dr.Schetrzman I would have received your message a lot better if you would have omitted your insult to me in public, by indulging in calling me ignorant, ignoring where a person is coming from.
Actually I did live in Israel twice.
Once as a teen and once married with a child.
As a teen, I lived through the war of Yom Kippur, where members of my close family were wounded and others died, with many others Kedoshim, because an Israeli government that knowing of the impending attack, prefered to spill jewish blood, instead of offend american and european politicians and the "Holy"UN.
Just like today, the israeli government prefers to murder religious jews in Itamar instead of claiming sovereignty over the Jewish God given Land, reacquired through more Jewish blood during the 67, 73 and endless conflicts, like the destitute religious Jews of Gush Katif
As an MD in Hadassah in 1998 making, 40 shekel/hour, it was hard to eat & to take care of ill parents back in usa. Reply

Tuvia Schertzman,MD Betar Ilit, Israel May 11, 2011

To Rivka Jews are governed by halacha. There is a mitzvah to live in eretz yisrael. This is not dependent on current politics or miracles like yam suf. Your question shows unfortunately a great level of ignorance on the whole topic. For your information the Jewish community of Israel today is the largest Jewish community. Soon most Jews will be in Israel. About 80% are classified as either traditional to very religious. Are you waiting for a personal invitation from GD or an economic collapse in America? Reply

Rivka NYC, NY May 6, 2011

How to know when to go to Israel, safely? Are there now or are there going to be, please G_d soon, any Signs, "Otiot" that we Jews can see/feel, or, you, Rabbis, can truly know of as imponderables of the time to leave "Galut" to go Home to Israel, all of us, as Yetsiat Mizraim was?
Could it be that the time has already come,
but because of the fear to live in a secular/arab worshiping governed Jewish state, we fear to go, especially when we see how useless the Israeli police and army, are in defending the Jewish People?
especially the Jews that Keep Torah and live in or near the most Holy Jewish sites? Reply

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