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Our Land

Our Land


The nations cannot understand why the Jewish people should have a land. “If it is G‑d and scriptures and heaven that you are all about,” they claim, “then why do you want a piece of earth? Is G‑d in a place? Will you find G‑d in settling land, in governing a country, in defending it? Make up your mind: Is it heaven you want, or earth?”

Those words, perhaps, are never said. They are quiet words, engraved within the human psyche. And they are the bias behind all their contentions with us: We don’t belong here, on earth, where they belong, playing by their rules. Because G‑d is in the heavens, and the earth belongs to humankind.

But this is the mission of the Jewish people: For all to see that the same G‑d in heaven is here within the earth, within all the endeavors of humankind. For there is nothing else but Him.

Beginning with that specific, well-defined, very special piece of earth to which our destiny is tied.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's copyright policy.
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Walter assaf hernandez Texas July 13, 2017

when i went to Yisrael in 2012 it was the greatest experience when i placed my hands in the western wall, in mine mind the voice of Hashem came and said I AM the God of your Fathers; Abraham, Issac, and yakkov. the following day a source of love, like energy took me to my best friend home. i felt this massive energy of love everywhere. Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada July 11, 2017

Opportunity for All To Enter The Land Of Israel G_d gave us the opportunity to receive the Land of Israel.
Only if we carry out our mission successfully will He give us the land.

Currently we have not even exited Egypt.
We at still controlled by Pharaoh, our desire to self-gratification.

We will exit Egypt only when the spiritual force within us 'Moses' (named after Moses who guided his people) inspires us to learn his method to unite this inner divine force with each other. In this unity we discover the sublime form of inner connection in which we reveal the sensation of G_dliness. This process of understanding how to unite and what love between us means takes us through the 'desert'.

Then we are prepared to enter the land of Israel: We are able to implement the commandments or corrections(mitzvot): to love your friend as yourself. We are able to exit our self and receive the Light for the sake of others to raise humanity to the higher level of existence.

Hopefully, we will succeed soon so all will dwell in the land of Israel. Reply

Yitzchok Bloomenstiel Brookly today July 31, 2016

Best one yet! Thanks. Reply

Sunder Singh Kandavalli Hyderabad (India) October 28, 2014

Promised Land I was born in an orthodox christian family.I have been studying my Bible since my childhood.Whether any nation understands the right of the chosen people of God,
or not,they can't do anything. God is still on the throne!
And he will remember His own! Reply

Mary Indiana, Mishawaka July 31, 2014

With all the land, the Muslims own in the MiddleEast, you'd think they could give those Palistinian people, a piece of land to live on , and they'd be with their own religious kind. They have the devil in them , and want to annilate the Hebrews. They will never succeed!!!. The G-D of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, promised the Land of Israel , to the Hebrews, period--- There is no , if ,and s or buts about it.....One day they will have a lot more real a state than they have , now. It will consist, of starting at the "River Egypt to the Great River Euphrates. Read for yourself in Gensis 15: 18 . His covenant stands forever, G-d never breaks covenant!!! Mary Reply

Anonymous Stony Brook via June 21, 2014

It's Time Israel belongs to the Jewish people and now is the time for all Jew's to unite and make the promised land 100% the Israel that the Almighty intended. We must NEVER cower and worry of what others will think or do and we must not repeat the original sin of cowering to Amelak. The Jewish people have cowered and been seperated for too long from our holy land ! After 3000 years of G-ds miracles in creating us, teaching us and protecting us we have nothing to fear and only joy to look forward to. Our land will be a land of fruit and honey for the world to respect and love. The Jewish people must unite and must make Israel 100% as G-d Almighty has intended.. Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada August 22, 2012

As Above So Below The state of the physical land of Israel is a reflection of the success of the mission of the descendents of the patriarch, Abraham's group of people who attained the spiritual dimension through the method of correction.

The method of correction revealed by the sages teaches how to attract the Light that reforms our selfish egoistic relationships into an integrated network of altruism in all spheres of life.

There will only be fruits for all from our labour. Reply

Beverly Margolis-Kurtin Hurst, TX August 21, 2012

This land is mine... Remember the words of the title song of Exodus?

This land is mine, God gave this land to me
This brave and ancient land to me
And when the morning sun reveals her hills and plain Then I see a land where children can run free...
The final words are "Until I die, this land is mine."

Although the nations may not understand why we MUST have the land, WE know that Hashem dwelt in the Temple in Jerusalem. The entire "West Bank" is Judea and Samaria; it was renamed the WB by a Jordanian king who unlawfully occupied the land back when Israel was re founded.
WHY the Israeli government has been giving land away for peace (which will never come to the region) to appease those Arabs who are called "Palestinians" is something that upsets me no end.
The Jerusalem Post used to be called the Palestinian Post, all of the official offices were called Palestinian. The only TRUE Palestinians were US until Arafat, an Egyptian, dreamed up the PLO. Bah. Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada August 21, 2012

Where is G_d's 'Land', Israel? God's Land, Israel, His territory is a state, a place that all humankind must aspire to.

We must all attain this place along our journey to reach equivalence of the quality of G_dliness, 'Israel' to love each other as we love ourselves.

Then we will all live in 'Israel' - the goal of Creation.

...The time is ready to see beyond the literal clothing to understand what G_d meant. Reply

Lasarusa Yehuda Sovea Ben-Zion Suva, Fiji Islands August 21, 2012

'Call A Spade A Spade' The land of Israel belongs to the Jews, including most of the West Bank (if not all). Reply

Kayo August 21, 2012

Peace on to Israel Reply

Michelle August 21, 2012

Thank you.. for sharing this perspective... I wonder also whether what we are all looking for is a completed full circle of life, a reminder of what we had in this land and what we were seperated from and how, actually... in spirit... we are all one, joined together and united by the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe who enables us to walk in His footprints, with His will and His way... or without... May the veil be lifted soon. blessings all and peace be upon you with His love shared. Reply

ros Manchester, England June 15, 2011

Our Land Israel belongs to G--d's Holy people,the Jews,and it will always be in their hearts and Jewish people will always strive to be there,as such a desire has been put there by G--d himself.Nothing will ever change that-it's exactly as G-d has planned and no amount of war or compromise or discussion will come to any good because it is all part of G-d's plan for the Jewish people,and indeed we that are Gentiles.I have great respect for the Jewish peoples andtheir beliefs.what a legacy to inherit,"G-d's chosen people"You all have my respect wherever in the world you may be. Reply

Maat January 3, 2011

definaition of the Earth when it is seen and felf and understood that the landmass patriotism for Israel is due to a misconception that Isreal the state is something from G-d, the true meaning of Israel and the 'Earth' is found.

Earth is your actual body- the physical part that succums to desires not of our other 2 parts, soul and spirit.

If this is not understood, then the patriotism felt for the actual state of Isreal created by the UK and the USA 70 years ago is your mythology at best, the husk that keeps you hidden from the true G-d within. Reply

Liz Tel Aviv, Israel December 1, 2010

The land of Israel I am proud to be a Jewess, I am proud to be an Israeli & I am proud to live in Israel, with all its faults (as all countries have), it is the only country in the world for the Jews to live in.

Thank you for this amazing article. Reply

Anonymous Albq., NM, USA March 28, 2010

Isael And The Palestinians From what I have head, Israel is a secular nation. Most of the people are not religious. Only a few are orthodox Jews. Since they have been given a small portion of their original homeland in 1948 they have made the land beautiful and desirable once again. America has always defended and helped them agaist all odds. If we turn against them now it will spell our demise, unfortunately it seems our current gov. wants to do exactly that! May this never happen! They have been maligned and hated for no reason all over the world, why? Daily they have missles shot into their country from the so called Palestinians, and yet they, the Jews, are not the victims the world sees! The Palestinians were sent there by the Arab countries surrounding Israel and had no interest in the land until the Isrealites came back. Israel is our only real friend in the Middle Eas--the only democracy! Let us not turn against them now! It could mean our very survival according to Prophecy in the Bible! Reply

lilia November 13, 2009

Re: Anonymous, New York, NY Our taking ownership of the Land is exactly G-d's will and intention, because nothing becomes your true possession through passivity. And we have seen enough miracles in our time to have no doubts about that. And the nations will bow to the wisdom of Torah only after they see it in real life that we, His people, will fight for this Land beyond any perceptions of reason. Reply

cecilia NYC November 10, 2009

I must agree The land problem is just a manifestation of a larger spiritual problem. Reply

Anonymous Anchor Point, Alaska November 9, 2009

The Land Excellent article! So true! Reply

Mr. baruch pereira November 9, 2009

about daily dose our land I am not a chabadnik, but as days are passing by, I learn how deep is the knowledge involved in this movement and how deep is the Rebbe’s wisdom! Reply

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