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The Shemittah (Sabbatical) Year—its laws, traditions and timeless messages.



A Year of Faith


Like the seventh day of the week, every seventh year is holy. The Shemittah (Sabbatical) year is a year devoted to strengthening our bond with G‑d—specifically, honing our faith in His omnipotence and our trust in His kindness.

This year, 5775 since creation (Sept. 25, 2014–Sept. 13, 2015), is a Shemittah year. The articles and classes in the following sections will discuss this year’s special observances as well as its spiritual message.

Wishing you an inspiring, uplifting, and meaningful Shemittah year!

What Is Shemittah?
The Sabbatical Year basics: absolution of loans, desisting from all field work, and the spiritual objective of all the above.
Loan Amnesty: Pruzbul
Questions and answers about the cancellation of debts on the Sabbatical year, and what we do about it
Deserting the Farms
A digest of the pertinent laws of shemittat karka, the agricultural restrictions of the Sabbatical (Shemittah) year.
Shemittah Essays
A selection of reading, essays and insights on the Shemittah year—the once-in-every-seven-years Sabbatical year
Shemittah First-Hand
Jewish farmers in Israel today talk about Shemittah and their lives
Shemittah Q&A
Questions and answers on the laws of Shemittah, the Sabbatical year
Letters from the Rebbe
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's message in honor of the shemitah year
Shemittah Videos
Video classes and more on the Sabbatical (Shemittah) year
Shemittah Audio
Audio classes and more on the Sabbatical (Shemittah) year
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Troy USA July 16, 2015

Please excuse my ignorance, my question is
If, the jubilee Year is the 50th year after 7 cycles of Shemitah,will the Jubilee Year and the first year of next Shemitah cycle be counted as the same year? Also, will the Laws in Leviticus 25 apply to both years,both being reconized as Sabbatic years? Reply Staff June 1, 2015

This material is not available in book format at this time. Reply

sandra adams May 22, 2015

where or how can I purchase this book Reply

Anonymous mississauga March 8, 2015

All signs and statistics are pointing that direction it's time for being kind and to be spiritual . Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for February 19, 2015

The Shemitah starts at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Tishrei (Rosh Hashanah) of the seventh year in the cycle. The first day of the Jewish month is based on the new moon. Other than that, there is no connection between Shemitah and the new moon. Reply

Rick AZ February 18, 2015

Where is the discussion? I see only statements and unanswered questions. Why? Doesn't anyone have answers.? Reply

Anonymous Everett February 9, 2015

Ultimately the bankers are in control, all you need to do is convince them. Reply

cheryl October 12, 2014

We are in Shemitah now!!!! Reply

Anonymous October 9, 2014

According to Johnathan Cahn there was a stock market crash in Sept 2001,and Sept 2008. I have not had a chance to purchase the new book re: the Mystery of the Shemitah. Have you heard that there could be judgement on America for our moral decline, and that we could see some negative economic ramifications ie:
Economic Collapse. Could this possibly be responsible for the increased volatility in the last month. Reply

June Green Lynnville September 27, 2014

When is the next Jubilee Year? Reply

Stacy Texas September 25, 2014

I just had a question and I hope someone will answer it for me ! Does the New Moon have anything to do with the Shemitah ? I was told that the Shemitah cannot start until the New Moon ( Silver Sliver) is spotted. Is this true ? Reply


Very interesting! Good stuff! Reply

Sarah C. May 15, 2014

Hi, Tami. You wanted to know whether or not it was possible to keep Shmita outside of Israel.
There is a new organization out there that lets Jews everywhere purchase land in Israel for the Shmita year, thereby allowing them to halachically fulfill the mitzvah of Shmita.
They have tons of rabbinic endorsements. I will be buying a small plot of land so that I'll be able to keep Shmita this coming year. You can search on the internet for more information. Reply

Tami May 1, 2014

Is it true that Shemitah only applies to Israel and that area? Reply

Anonymous December 9, 2012

This is still God's law. It is even built into some of the justice system. When a judgement is placed on someone after small claims, the judgement will fall off after 7 years. Also, couldn't the stock market crash and the economic collapse and mortgage collapse be considered a Shemitah? Debts and credit fell away. Reply

Anonymous Wayne January 25, 2012

Read Isaiah 9:10
Bancruptcy - Bailouts - debts forgiven Reply

Anonymous October 8, 2008

Stock market crashed in this Shemitah year and had been vulnerable in previous Shemitah years. How should we interpret this phenomenon? Reply

Menachem Posner for June 27, 2008

Shemitah only applies in the biblical land of Israel. Since you live outside of Israel, you are exempt from these restrictions. You do however, need to excercise caution when purchasing fruit from Israel. Reply

Anonymous Williamsburg, VA, USA June 26, 2008

We are new to the ways of our fathers. I had heard of the shemitah but had thought that it began 5769.

In our ignorance we had begun a garden, what do we do?

Does this mean that we are not to even harvest or pick any wild fruit, fruit trees and corn when in season?

I had picked some wild blackberries recently and the consequencies have become evident. Since reading this I understand that it is the Shemitah. Oy vey!

So, no gardening or harvesting of any kind? wild or domestic? Reply

NIssi September 14, 2007

I really enjoyed it Reply

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