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Text of the Get

Text of the Get


ב_______ בשבת, ב_______ ימים לירח _______, שנת_______
לבריאת עולם למנין שאנו מנין כאן ב_______ מתא דיתבא על נהר _______
ועל מי מעינות, אנא _______ בן _______, העומד היום ב_______ מתא,
דיתבא על נהר _______ ועל מי מעינות, צביתי ברעות נפשי
בדלא אניסנא, ושבקית ופטרית ותרוכית יתיכי ליכי אנת אנתתי
_______ בת _______ העומדת היום ב_______ מתא, דיתבא
על נהר _______ועל מי מעינות, דהוית אנתתי
מן קדמת דנא וכדו פטרית ושבקית ותרוכית יתיכי ליכי דיתיהוייין רשאה
ושלטאה בנפשיכי למהך להתנסבא לכל גבר דיתיצבייין, ואנש לא ימחא
בידיכי מן יומא דנן ולעלם, והרי את מותרת לכל אדם,
ודן די יהוי ליכי מנאי ספר תרוכין ואגרת שבוקין וגט פטורין
כדת משה וישראל.

פלוני בן פלוני עד
פלוני בן פלוני עד

English Translation:

On the __________ day of the week, the __________ day of the month of __________ in the year __________ after creation of the world, according to the calendaric calculations that we count here, in the city __________, which is situated on the__________ river, and situated near springs of water, I, __________ the son of __________, who today am present in the city __________, which is situated on the__________ river, and situated near springs of water, willingly consent, being under no duress, to release, discharge, and divorce you [to be] on your own, you, my wife __________, daughter of __________, who are today in the city of __________, which is situated on the__________ river, and situated near springs of water, who has hitherto been my wife. And now I do release, discharge, and divorce you [to be] on your own, so that you are permitted and have authority over yourself to go and marry any man you desire. No person may object against you from this day onward, and you are permitted to every man. This shall be for you from me a bill of dismissal, a letter of release, and a document of absolution, in accordance with the law of Moses and Israel.

_________ the son of _________ -- witness
_________ the son of _________ -- witness.

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Discussion (3)
May 28, 2014
Dear Elishuva,
I fell across what you wrote on here. I am so sad that you would put yourself through all of this. You have the gift of life. Just because it did not work with one man on this planet is no reason to keep being sad and keep only unto yourself. If you want me to contact you, please give me a way to contact you. There are many ways to overcome sadness.

Please don't let your soul die! Live again and enjoy the days you have on this earth. I have no idea why you feel you have to be alone. This just is not true. Grab onto happiness and never let it go!
July 25, 2013
Dear Elishuva,

I understand completely... I've been separated for about 2 years now and the time has come for a GET. I too thought I would never be happy again, but Torah and Prayer has helped me find the happiness within myself and has taught me to love again, especially myself. This inner peace and love has helped me forgive many people and myself for the troubles in my family. I am closer to my daughters and friendlier with my wife now.

I hope you too find happiness again... Good luck.

January 27, 2013
I am Divorced
I hated getting divorced it broke my heart in many pieces. That was back in 1993.I never remarried ,he re-married now he has two grown girl, he and I have 2 grown boys. I have never found happiness again. Divorce kills part of your being, I know G-D loves me and I believe He wants me to not be alone the rest of my life. I just don't know how to heal from this great loss. The greatest thing is I forgive both of us for our divorce,and we do get a long good both he and his wife,we have grand children together and sons, they didn't cause our divorce.
Elishuva ( Wanda) Lugger