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Is there a prayer for lost objects?

Is there a prayer for lost objects?


There is indeed a traditional prayer and procedure to be followed when seeking G‑d's assistance in retrieving a lost object.

The following is recited:

Rabbi Binyamin said: All are presumed blind until the Holy One, blessed be He, enlightens their eyes. We know this from the verse:1 "G‑d opened her eyes and she went and filled up the water skin."2

(Say three times:) G‑d of Meir answer me!3

In the merit of the charity which I am donating for the sake of the soul of Rabbi Meir the Miracle Worker may I find (---) which I have lost.

Here is the prayer in the original Hebrew:

אמר רבי בנימין, הכל בחזקת סומין, עד שהקדוש ברוך הוא מאיר את עיניהם
מן הכא, ויפקח אלוקים את עיניה ותרא באר מים, ותלך ותמלא את החמת
אלהא דמאיר ענני, אלהא דמאיר ענני, אלהא דמאיר ענני
בזכות הצדקה שאני נודב לעילוי נשמת רבי מאיר בעל הנס, זכותו יגן עלינו, למצוא את (---) שאיבדתי

Money is then donated to support the poor in Israel.

Did I forget to mention that you also have to get up and look for the object? :)

Yours truly,

Rabbi Menachem Posner


Midrash Rabbah Genesis 53:14.


The origins of this statement is in the Talmud (Avodah Zarah 18a-b):
Beruria, the wife of Rabbi Meir, was a daughter of R. Chanina ben Teradion. She said to her husband, "It bothers me that my sister sits in the brothel [where she was placed by the Roman regime]." So he took a basketful of coins and set out. "If," thought he, "she has not been subjected to anything wrong, a miracle will be wrought for her, but if she has committed anything wrong, no miracle will happen to her."
Disguised as a knight, he approached her and said, "Prepare yourself for me."
"The manner of women [menstrual period] is upon me," she replied.
"I am prepared to wait," he said.
"But," said she, "there are here many, many prettier than I am!"
"This proves that she has not committed any wrong," he said to himself. "She no doubt says thus to every comer."
He went to her warder and said, "Hand her over to me."
"I am afraid of the government," he replied.
"Take the basketful of coins." said he. "One half distribute as a bribe, the other half shall be for yourself."
"And what shall I do when these coins are exhausted?' he asked.
"Then," he replied, "say, 'O G‑d of Meir, answer me!' and you will be saved."
"But," said he, "who is assures me that that will be the case?"
"You will see now," he replied.
There were there some man-eating dogs. Rabbi Meir took a clump of earth and threw it at them. As they came to devour him he exclaimed, "O G‑d of Meir answer me!" and they let him alone.
The warder then handed her over to him.
Eventually the matter became known to the government, and the warder was brought to be hanged. As he was taken to the gallows, he exclaimed, "O G‑d of Meir answer me." They took him down and asked him what that meant, and he told them the incident that had happened.
They then engraved Rabbi Meir's likeness on the gates of Rome and proclaimed that anyone seeing a person resembling it should bring him there. One day Rabbi Meir was spotted and was chased. He ran away from them and entered a harlot's house. Others say he happened just then to see food cooked by heathens and he dipped in one finger and then sucked the other. Others again say that Elijah the Prophet appeared to them as a harlot who embraced him. "G‑d forbid," said they, "were this R. Meir, he would not have acted thus!" [and they left him]...

Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor for
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FRANKIE BROOKLYN December 28, 2017

I unfortunately I lost a gold bracelet that my father gave me for Hanukkah several years ago. It had belonged to my mother. I loved this bracelet.I cried & cried & then I remembered about the Beracha for lost objects. I googled the Beracha & recited it three times every half hour. I was also searching everywhere I could to hopefully find it. I even had two dreams that night that I had found it. The next morning I found it in my car's seat. Thank Gd. Wow wow wow. I was so excited. I cried again this time from happiness. The Blessing worked. Reply

J Paramount, CA September 4, 2017

I was entrusted to the care of an elderly homeless lady, and she has gone missing. I have been driving all over the city looking for her. She was like a grandmother to me. I am beside myself with grief and remorse. Reply

Anonymous May 10, 2017

Any evidence that this prayer works, and for stolen (lost) Jewish artifacts as well? Reply

Anonymous Boston MA December 25, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Several years ago I wrote a paper for a memoir writing class on this prayer, giving many personal and other examples showing that the prayer works. If you send me your email address I'll send you a copy of the paper. Reply

Anonymous April 1, 2017

My friend lost her notebook. She was devastated since it was prior to her midterm. I sent her the link to this prayer and she said she had nothing to lose but to try it. She promised to give charity if the item would be found. The next day the campus police called that they found it. The miracle was that her name nor her number were written on the notebook or notes! Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles March 8, 2017

full proof prayer, really??? If there was such thing we wouldn't have free will in this world!

I lost my cat and I am full of anxiety still after so many months.
Not sure how to have closure with that? Reply

Anonymous WITBANK December 13, 2016

Can this be used when you lost your job and need it back Reply

Anonymous RSA October 20, 2016

Can this be used when a person has gone missing eg a missing child not just an object? Reply

Anonymous Kodaikanal September 19, 2016

Miracles! My daughter lost 2 important pen drives with all her work on the weekend. Looked everywhere like crazy and no success. I said the prayer today,(Monday)and asked God to open our eyes. I put some money in the charity box. My daughter did so too, though I don't think she believed it would work. Five minutes later she found them in the pocket of her jacket. How true, God opens our eyes only then can we see. Thank you Baruch Hashem. Reply

Mike Patten Oakland May 8, 2016

It Didn't Work I said the prayer for my missing cat, made the donation, etc. and she never came back. Don't believe these prayers are full proof. The Holocaust is a perfect example they are not. Reply

Sheila December 18, 2017
in response to Mike Patten:

Mike I do agree with you about Shoah. I once helped a Christian lady look for something she lost. She found it after I silently said Shma. Saint Anthony was on break. Reply

Andrei Lopatenko Cupertino November 15, 2015

w Found two very important lost things. Spend many hours searching for them, no success, prayed, found in 10 minutes Thank you. Baruch Hashem Reply

Anonymous Boca Raton November 24, 2014

Found I couldn't find four objects. Last night my daughter suggested that I say the bracha for lost objects. I told her that I was not going to do it, that I didn't believe in such things and that if Hashem wanted me to have them then I would find them on my own. The fact that I couldn't find them was driving me crazy today. So, before I left for work I said the above. I also light a candle for Rabbi Meir every week with my Shabbat candles, so, I asked Rabbi Meir to go to Hashem and help me find the lost things. As I walked out the door to go to works 2 minutes after finishing giving tzedakah, I found the first of the lost things. Then this evening my husband asked me with the other things in his hands, " Are these what you are looking for?" And they were! Now all of my "lost objects" are found. Baruch Hashem. Reply

Anonymous New York May 13, 2014

For two years an item was lost and yesterday morning I had officially given up hope on finding it. My friend told me about the prayer, last night and I decided to give it one last shot. I woke up this morning with a text message from another (unrelated) friend saying she found the item (she had no idea I said the prayer for the item, nor that I had just given up looking for the item).

I said the prayer in English, but really focused on every word.

When I told a few of my friends this story, they shared stories of people they knew who also found their lost items in no time! Reply

Anonymous Cedarhurst, New York April 28, 2014

Prayer and charity I must tell you that this prayer and charity has always worked, but in truly mysterious and unbelievable ways. Whatever Hashem wants of course is the bottom line, but we also have to believe that the merits and souls of the departed and of our departed, are always in Heaven looking out for us. Faith is essential to our beliefs as we say every day in the Ani Maamin. Reply

Anonymous South East UK January 15, 2014

It works for Christians too!! I have used this prayed twice now and my lost items both turned up! It's amazing and I'm a Christian, so this works for everybody. Reply

Shlomith Melbourne August 29, 2013

Chabad, you rock! Chabad, you are awesome! You are always there to help, even with this prayer I was seeking. Thank you!

Baruch Hashem. Reply

Melody July 9, 2013

Worked for me! I have said this prayer a couple of times. Though there have been times I did not retrieve what I lost, most times this prayer has worked for me. Losing something brings on an interesting emotion. You may feel like the world may end and a sense of terror, but in fact you are safe and healthy. This is unique to this particular situation. Sometimes G-d needs us to feel this so we can reflect on our lives religious and otherwise, though I do not look forward to losing something, I appreciate the intense emotion and relief that comes along with it and it often compels me to make some sort of change in my life. If we are meant to find the object, this prayer will make that happen, but sometimes we are not meant to find what we have lost because Hashem has bigger plans. Do not let that discourage you from saying this prayer in the future. You will find that when you say this prayer and find your object, you will feel closer to G-d and appreciate everything in your life that much more Reply

Adam August Yerushalayim and Potomac, Maryland May 7, 2013

amazing story on Yom Yerushalayim from Yerushalayim I am traveling in Yerushalayim with my daughters. My wife texted me that she was so upset because our son knocked over her night table and her wedding band was lost. She and our housekeeper searched our entire bedroom, re-made the bed twice, etc., and there was no ring after a few hours of searching. She was extremely upset. My daughter and I searched the Internet for this prayer and we said it tonight (Yom Yerushalaim), and we pledged to give Tzedakah tomorrow morning at the Kotel (bli neder). I texted the prayer to my wife after we recited it and she immediately texted back that she found the ring in our basement laying next to the shoes she was putting on to leave. She NEVER removes her ring in the basement. What's more, if the ring were found in our bedroom so quickly after reciting the prayer, we would have said it was because they didn't look in that place, or because the carpet was covering it, etc. But the fact that it was in the basement next to her shoes is a miracle. Reply

Ari December 13, 2012

B"H I lost my keys this morning. I was really hopeless but I said that prayer, lit a candle for r. Meir and gave some money for charity... And guess what... the keys were found! G-d is truly great! Baruch Hashem! :) Reply

Pincas December 11, 2012

A Question Recently we had an object become lost in our home. My wife spoke with our grandson, who is in a yesihva overseas.
He gave a prayer/psalm to my wife, with the proviso that in order for the psalm to work it needed to be said in Hebrew.
He then stated the Hebrew and word-by-word my wife repeated each word.

When she came to me with this story, she said that she subsequently found the lost item. When I asked her how quickly she found it, she said, "Immediately."

So the question is, does the psalm/prayer need to be said in Hebrew or is English also appropriate? Reply

Ruth Watford October 12, 2012

thanksgiving for finding a lost object Surely there is a prayer for finding a lost object after praying to find it Reply

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