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When is the next Sabbatical year?

When is the next Sabbatical year?


This coming year on the Jewish calendar, 5775 (Sept. 24, 2014–Sept. 13, 2015), will be the next Sabbatical year.

The year following the destruction of the second Holy Temple (3829 from creation, equivalent to 68–69 CE) was the first year of the seven-year Sabbatical cycle. We continue counting sevens from then.

Most of the Sabbatical year’s observances are agricultural in nature, and are relevant only in Israel. For those in the Diaspora, the Sabbatical year has two practical ramifications: a) Produce which is imported from Israel must have rabbinical certification, and is also subject to certain laws and restrictions due their sanctity. b) The laws of debt absolution are in effect in all locations. Click here for a method which will allow you to collect debts even during the Sabbatical year.

Needless to say, the spiritual and hallowed nature of this special year is applicable and pertinent worldwide. Click here for more on this subject.

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Best wishes,
Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson

Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson is a writer who lives with his family in Brooklyn, N.Y.
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Discussion (7)
September 7, 2015
When does the next one end - sep 13 2015 until ??

chi ajaegbu
June 19, 2015
During the period when the Jubilee year was commemorated it was not a part of the seven year Shmittah cycle. There would be seven cycles of seven years, the fiftieth year would be the Jubilee year, and the following year the next cycle would begin. Nowadays, when the Jubilee year is no longer commemorated we only have cycles of seven years.
For more information on the history of the Jubilee, see this article:
Shaul Wolf
June 18, 2015
Shemittah Years
Please correct me if I"m wrong...A Shemittah cycle is every 7 years and every 7 Shemittah cycles(49years) the next year being the 50th year is a Jubilee year? Then will the 50th year be counted also as the 1st year of next Shemittah cycle?
Thank you in advance
Southeast U.S.
April 23, 2015
I would like to hear an answer about Credit Carddebt. I am of the opinion that credit card debt is not canceled because the owner of the debt must forgive it and I don't believe "VISA" will forgive their debtors.
Beverly Ann Foster
June 26, 2013
Re: Next Sabbatical year
September 13, 2015 will be the last day of the coming Sabbatical year, but the laws of the Sabbatical year do extend to some degree on the crops that were planted before this date but only grew at beginning of the next year.
Baruch Davidson
June 21, 2013
Next Sabbatical year
So the next Sabbatical year would be 2015. What is the last day of this Sabbatical year?
August 27, 2012
Sabbatical Year
Why do some web sites say that the last Sabbatical Year started on 19th Sept 2009 but you say 2007/2008??? When is the next sabbatical year?

If you let the land rest on the 7th year then the 3rd year into the cycle must be important - the year the trees bare fruit after they were planted. Is anything said/understood about the 3rd year in the 7??
Mrs Knight
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