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On Which Day of the Week Was the Torah Given?

On Which Day of the Week Was the Torah Given?


The Torah was given on the 6th day of Sivan.1 The Talmud2 tells us that the Torah was given on Shabbat. It was on our national day of rest that G‑d revealed Himself to the Jewish nation and spoke to them the Ten Commandments. It is only appropriate that the Torah, which brings peace and harmony to its adherents—and by extension, to the entire world—was given on the Day of Rest.

Though this is not stated explicitly in the Scriptures, the Talmud extrapolates this fact from scriptural verses employing a method known as gezerah shavah, by which two verses which have strikingly similar terminology are compared.

The verse states: “Remember this day during which you have left Egypt, the house of bondage.”3 Moses said this to the Jews on the very day in question—the day of the Exodus.

In the Ten Commandments we are told, “Remember the Shabbat day.”4 The almost identical language tells us that this verse was also stated on the very day in question—the Shabbat.

Incidentally, now that we follow a fixed calendar, the first day of Shavuot, the 6th of Sivan, can never fall on Shabbat. It can fall only on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Click here to learn more about the Jewish perpetual calendar.

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Rabbi Menachem Posner


There is a minority opinion mentioned in the Talmud which maintains that the Torah was given on the 7th of Sivan.


Shabbat 86b.

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Norma Ortiz Tampa, Fl June 3, 2014

Why is Shavuot celebrated for 2 days and not just one? Reply

Oscar Sant IAGO (Iago = Yaakov) Puerto Rico May 17, 2013

Good Afternoon Dear Mr. Richard Roeders,

Please support your opinions with Biblical verses.


Oscar Reply

Richard Roeders The Netherlands May 15, 2013

Lawgiving on the Sinai Disagree that the 10 commandments were given only to the Jewish nation! There was no nation yet only 12 tribes without a homeland! So, dear rebbe, do not put us in a favorite position which we do not deserve.
The 10 commandments are forever and for all nations where ever. The Law was revealed to the 12 tribes in the Sinai and not to only one! Reply

michael tyler tx May 30, 2017
in response to Richard Roeders:

An observance that even holds valid until today. Torah is for all nations because even though the Jewish people were the key there were people in the nations that wanted the Torah as is true today. I'm Michael a Noahide. Baruch Hashem... Reply

Oscar Sant IAGO (Iago = Yaakov) Puerto Rico May 14, 2013

My opinion I think it was Friday. Reply

Anonymous May 12, 2013

Shavuot=Shabbat I think that method "gzerah shavah" equal Shavuot with Shabbat in the sense of every holiday is equal to Shabbat. As during Shabbat no any work as holiday no any work.

If Pesach was on Thursday then plus fifty days Shavuot was on Friday? Reply

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