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A Glass Case

A Glass Case


There is a place in the heart only G‑d knows. It is not something of which you are aware, or can be aware. It is just there, and for its sake you were formed.

All of you must become transparent, a nothingness. Then this treasure will shine forth.

Maamarei Admor Hazaken Haketzarim, p. 370.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Anonymous Dallas, TX June 6, 2015

Great news! There is great news and greater news. The great news is God exists. The greater news is we don't. Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada June 4, 2015

Unlock the Treasure in your Heart Your heart is 99% filled with egoistic feelings of self-gratification, dislike of others, etc.

There is a single quality that resonates with God's quality - to love others as yourself.

Use your desires of self-love to aim them at others instead.
Your 'self' is not ready to agree with this outrageous request - but this treasure is G_d's gift to you! Reply

Anonymous June 4, 2015

Great one, including Rabbi Freeman's response to the comments! Thanks for posting! Reply

Chana Bas Fruma Scottsdale, AZ July 25, 2012

The glass case I still don't understand this. Is there something wrong with me? Why don't I get it. HELP!!! Reply

Lasarusa Yehuda Sovea Ben-Zion Suva, Fiji Islands July 24, 2012

A Glass Case The topic does make sense to me.
My understanding about 'nothingness', is to be selfless.
The Creator, Who Is G-d Himself, made me for a purpose known only to Him, Blessed Be His Name; and my inner soul should be kept clean for His dwelling.
G-d lives in us all the time, and only depart when we are not right with Him, that is when we displease Him. Reply

EunKyung Pohang, South Korea July 22, 2012

Like Buddahism If you become a "nothingness" like glass, you shall be transparent not only G-dlyness but also evil and confusion of Tohu.

It's difficult to understand why you do not see it?

A "nothingness" or becoming "nothingness" is not concept of G-d, because G-d is fulfilled everywhere.

You can say "I am nobody" in front of G-d, blessed be He.

Despite it, if you say that I will become nothingness, then the most enjoyful matter shall be Evil spirit.

We see at everywhere there are too many souls of human beings to become a "Nothingness" to taste all cultures and arts.

We must call it as Evil. Reply

David Levant Emerson, N.J. July 22, 2012

The empty space This is a paradoxical statement.One is aware of possessing this place just by knowing he has it. G-D placed this space in our hearts like a temple,to fill it with his strength and especially his spirit. Reply

valerie akron, oh July 22, 2012

a glass case to Michal -- after reading this, my only comment was "OH." WAY above my understanding -- BUT you said in words what i couldn't and THANK YOU THANK YOU, i agree totally. we don't HAVE to understand, do we!!! Reply

Chana Bas Fruma Scottsdale, Az July 22, 2012

This article I don't understand this. Could you please Rephrase or summarize in a different way? Reply

Marion Mirrlees Owen Sound, Canada July 22, 2012

Glass Case Wow __ I was not aware of this area of our heart. It is wonderful -- because I choose to be transparent - and give Father dear all of my issue that I can not do anything about on my own. Bless you and thank you. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman July 22, 2012

Re: Sounds like Buddhism There are countless forms of Buddhism, each with many teachers to articulate its goals. There is also a wide diversity of ideology within Judaism. Instead, let me present you with two sides of "nothingness" in reference to the ego, as explained by the Rashab, Rabbi Shalom Dovber.

The purpose for which you were created, explains the Rashab, is to be a something that feels its nothingness. Not to be an absolute something that feels "I am here because I am here." But neither to be an absolute nothing that feels, "I am not. I do not exist."

Both of those latter perceptions belong to the "World of Tohu," a realm described by the Arizal as preceding our world but incapable of fulfilling its purpose of being. Ours is the World of Tikun, a world where opposites coincide in harmony, including the very opposites of being and not being.

In fulfilling this harmonization of opposites, we fulfill our purpose of being, which is to express the ultimate paradox of the Creator, who stands beyond being and not being, for He creates both.

See Hemshech 5772, pg. 562. Reply

Xilito Qro, Qro/MEXICO July 22, 2012

By the rivers of Babylon Words, words, and nothing else but words: beautiful words, piercing words, hopeful words. But today we have a Glass Case where our beloved Rabbi asks us to become transparent -a nothingness- like glass. This is so because glass doesn't conceal and our deeds conceal G-d so we need to be transparent in order to not to conceal G-d actions. For us to be transparent we need to do Mitzvah. Really, our Rabbi is asking us to start doing at least a Mitzvot. Isn't he?
But, at least for now all I can do is to remember that famous psalm 137.
By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept at the memory of Zion.
On the poplars there we had hung up our harps.
For there our gaolers had asked us to sing them a song, our captors to make merry, 'Sing us one of the songs of Zion.' Reply

Sandra Miami beach, Fl July 22, 2012

So beautiful, a good reminder that he is with us every day Reply

Anonymous Birch Run, MI USA July 22, 2012

Sounds like Buddhism! Become a nothingness? This sounds like Buddhism to me, not Judaism. Perhaps you could explain how the "nothingness" of Judaism is different from the "nothingness" of Buddhism? Reply

Jerome Naroden Hillsborough, NJ October 22, 2009

A Glass Case As this treasure is in the process to shine forth at an accumulative rate. Would we not slowly become aware during due process as we develope our sixth sence? Reply

Michal October 22, 2009

A Glass Case What a wonderful explanation of something we actually don't understand.
May it shine forth! -
During the first reading I realized that I do not understand , what there is explained in such beautiful words.
But then I thought: "Do I understand G-d?"
"No" But in spite of that he is there and brightens my life. Reply