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Why do people dip their finger into the leftover havdalah wine?

Why do people dip their finger into the leftover havdalah wine?


It is customary is to extinguish the havdalah candle by dipping it in the leftover wine that accumulates in the cup's saucer. This demonstrates that the candle was lit for the sole purpose of performing the Havdalah ceremony and since the ceremony is now over the candle is extinguished.

Many have the custom to dip their fingers into the spilled wine and rub them above their eyelids. This demonstrates how mitzvot are so precious to us. King David writes1 "The command of the Lord is clear, enlightening the eyes."2

There are also those who have the custom of placing their wine-dipped fingers in their pockets, as a segulah (spiritually propitious act) to become wealthy.


Levush 296:1.

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yochanah August 30, 2014

eyebrow wine meaning in my family It is taught in my family to wipe the eye brows with the wine upon saying 'yavo moshiach'
It is to represent atonment from the curse given in genesis 3:19
'In the sweat of your face'... the eyebrow is designed to catch sweat.
It also is an expression of our hopes that hashem will have mercy on us and make us wealthy and successful without hardships and struggles

its very cool to hear other interpritations, may our eyes be enlightened and goed vog ^_^ Reply

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