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Is any candle kosher for Shabbat candle-lighting?

Is any candle kosher for Shabbat candle-lighting?


Jewish law discusses different kinds of fuels and wicks which are invalid for use on the Shabbat, because the flame that they produce is jumpy and unstable. Therefore, there is the concern that perhaps one will try to adjust the flame to stabilize it - and this is forbidden on Shabbat.

All candles which are manufactured today emit a clean, stable flame, and are therefore kosher for Shabbat candles, even if they contain non-kosher (for eating) ingredients.

Rabbi Silberberg resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Chaya Mushka, and their three children.
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Anonymous October 7, 2016

Is a 24hr candle also allowed? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for September 7, 2016

Yes, an electric light may be used when a real candle is not an option. Reply

Mendy Brooklyn September 6, 2016

what if someone can"t light a real candle, e.g. in prison or hospital, can they use electric? Reply

Anonymous Florida September 12, 2014

May I vary the oils from week to week that I use for lighting Shabbos Licht? I heard that if one uses olive oil, there is a question whether you may afterwards go back to using other oils. Reply

Mike Cole El Dorado Springs MO November 8, 2013

Do you burn the candle all the way down or do you ever blow it out and use it for next shabbat Reply

Rochel Chein for July 4, 2013

All candles and oils are kosher for use as Shabbat candles, as long as they burn cleanly. The candles can be colored, and any shape. Scented candles are fine (but not preferred), as long as they were not specifically intended for use by another religion. The candles should be large enough to burn until after nightfall; ideally, they should burn until after the Friday night meal has concluded. Reply

Stevie Scottsdale June 29, 2013

Is it okay that I make (roll) my own candles from beeswax sheets that have been colored with dye? The wick I use produces a steady flame. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for February 10, 2013

That is indeed Rabbi Tarfon's opinion. But his is the minority opinion which is not the final Halachic ruling. Reply

Yaron North February 7, 2013

Is it not initially correct to light wicked olive oil according to Rabbi Tarfon? Reply

Mandy Steinbrenner December 21, 2012

Thank you. Reply Staff December 21, 2012

You can use any candlestick you wish! It is customary to use the nicest objects one has for Shabbat. Reply

Mandy Steinbrenner San Diego,CA December 20, 2012

Are there special candlesticks(the holders) that need to be used on shabbat? Reply

Anonymous April 16, 2009

Are fragranced candles permitted as shabbat candles? Reply

Anonymous Ft Lauderdale, USA October 10, 2008

I will be lighting Shabbat cnadles for the first time tonight. Thank you for teaching me how. Reply