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In which body will a reincarnated soul return?

In which body will a reincarnated soul return?



If a soul is reincarnated in different bodies, in which one does it return to in the time of Moshiach?


Great question.

First, though, we need to explain why a soul is reincarnated into another body in the first place.

A soul is reincarnated when it did not accomplish all of its obligations during its stay in a specific body. The person may have completed his particular mission on this world; however the soul has to complete all of the 613 commandments in order to achieve completion for all its 613 components. Thus the soul descends once again to finish the task.

Every body which was inhabited by the soul assisted the soul in the fulfillment of its mission. Those components of the soul which were rectified through the mitzvot fulfilled by a particular body always maintain a connection with that body, and will return to that body to revive it with the Resurrection of the Dead. In short this means that souls will be divided into different bodies.

How is that possible, you may be wondering? The Divine soul is a reflection of its infinite source, G‑d Himself, and thus has the ability to vivify any number of bodies. In fact, according to the mystics' teachings, the entire soul of a person is never "clothed" in its body. Only a ray of the soul descends into the body, for otherwise the body would be completely overwhelmed by the soul's brilliant intensity.

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doreet Oregon Eugene October 22, 2014

HOW MANY JEWS WILL THERE BE? First,many Jewish Europeans, example,fair,red-headed Polish Jews,originally were converts,or married into Jewish families.But,they are still Jews, I believe. And consider Spanish Jews, Sephardic Jews.. I don't think there's an exact cut-off-point. No such thing as a 100% pure,ancient-derived Jew. We are all over the earth! What does that tell you? Reply

Shimon July 15, 2013

What about souls of gerim? Why did a soul that did not complete the 613 mitzvot reincarnate first as non Jewish to complete them? Please advise Reply

Anonymous schenectady, ny December 24, 2011

Reincarnation G-d is not limited by gender, lol... ;) G-d, is not simply...himself. G-d is more simply...all.

As to reincarnation, if 613 are the goal, I should be making many trips to Earth and back. I'm not sure I have the strength for it, lol... ;) Reply

Ahron Baltimore April 28, 2011

re: reincarnation Our Sages teach us that the Land of Israel will expand in the future and encompass the entire world. Reply

ali quezon city March 25, 2009

whose body? if were going to be reincarnated, would it possible that a man can transfer to a body of a woman? Reply

Rodrigo Chame Santiago, Chile March 7, 2007

reincarnation so when the resurrection comes how many jews there will be? we should count all the jews from every generation and that´s a lot more than... I don´t know say 200.000.000 jews? maybe less maybe more
there´s not enough space in israel for that amount of jews I think
thanks Reply

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